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Somebunny is One

Somebunny is One

Last weekend we celebrated Portia's First Birthday with a sweet Bunny Brunch at home. Her actual birthday is this Sunday but we decided to celebrate a week early as her birthday falls on Easter this year. It was so special to have our closest family and friends over to celebrate our little girl. People often say that first birthday parties are more for the parents but Porchie really partied like it was 2099! She flirted with everyone and had a HUGE smile on her face the entire time!

Once again I enlisted the help of Keren Precel at Simply Perfect Events to help bring my bunny vision to life. With Keren's help we transformed my living room to a sweet pink bunny land perfect for my baby girl's party! The menu, all made by Keren's team was vegan brunch heaven! We had a toast bar, and acai bowl bar, kale and quinoa salad, blueberry zucchini muffins, fruit salad, and of course bunny cupcakes!

To keep the littles entertained we had the sweetest bunny puppy craft station set up! 

We also had a photo booth with fun birthday and bunny props. I always make sure to have a photo booth at birthday parties as it is the easiest way to make sure you capture at least one picture of each guest!

The big surprise and most popular part of the party was... baby bunnies! I have to give Doug credit for this idea. He thought having some baby bunnies for the kids to hold and cuddle would be a hit and he was so right!

On the way out each guest was given a bunny basket filled with an adorable stuffed bunny as well as a set of bunny ears and a tail to play dress up with!

We had planned to wait until her actual birthday for Portia to have her first taste of cake but she had other plans. Doug had her on his lap while he was trying one of the bunny cupcakes and Porchie just went for it!

Happy Happy Birthday to my amazing, sweet, snuggly baby Porchie! I truly cannot believe she is One!!!

On Sisters

On Sisters