Hi. I'm Sara!

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I am a born and bred New Yorker, mom of two little girls who loves
all things New York and is passionate about healthy living.

6 Things I Loved this Month


After many years Doug and I bought ourselves new sheets because our old ones were feeling worn and dingy. I am obsessed with these linen sheets which are the softest thing I have ever slept on!


I just finished this memoir by Dani Shapiro in two nights. Could not put it down.


I am at the tail end of a rough cold and this bath soak helped me tremendously when it was at it’s peak.


I read about these handwoven straps in a NYTimes article about “mom uniforms” and promptly ordered one. I love how it has added new life to my favorite crossbody bag!


You may have noticed I have a minor obsession with blush pink. When I came across this perfect pink coat I had to add it to my closet!


I am a big fan of this brand and am super excited about their spring collection espeshially this dress that I just got!

8 Years-Dear Doug

8 Years-Dear Doug

 3 Ways I'm Wearing My New Favorite Coat

3 Ways I'm Wearing My New Favorite Coat