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6 Things I Loved This Month

6 Things I Loved This Month

Hola from Mexico! We are soaking up our last day of sun and beach before heading home tomorrow. This vacation has been so restorative for all of us. Hopefully we can carry the feeling of relaxation into our super busy spring! Here are 6 things I loved this month:

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I got this adorable “Feminist Toile” backpack to use as a carry on for Spring Break. I love the cheeky print-espeshially the Rosie the Riveter pig!


My acupuncturist Shari Auth, the founder of WTHN recently launched a line of herbs and they are so good! My favorite is the “Fully Charged” which helps keep my energy up!


To prepare for and recover from the NYC Half I have been loving trips to Higher Dose infrared saunas. The deep sweat helps reduce inflammation and boost oxytocin!


I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller and am so happy I finally got around to reading it!


Daily Harvest just introduced breakfast inspired Harvest Bowls to their line up and I am fully obsessed with the Spinach + Shitake Grits.


I recently discoverd the Australian brand Sir and am loving this set for warm weather trips!

12 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Month

12 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Month

What I'm Packing for Spring Break

What I'm Packing for Spring Break