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me & the girls

me & the girls


Pregnancy is an incredible and constantly changing state of being. One day I feel sexy and on top of the world and the next I feel like a manatee that swallowed a basketball. Similar to the end of summer when I can no longer stand to look at my shorts and sun dresses I am getting to a point where I CANNOT WAIT to pack up my maternity clothes and pass them on to an expecting friend or store them in case we decide to have another baby down the road (still very undecided about that).

While growing a baby is indeed a miraculous process it certainly come with its share of surprises. I have been lucky to have had a very easy time these past 34 weeks, but I have certainly not been symptom free. My rib cage aches as if someone is prying me open from the inside out ( I guess they are?!?!). If I do not get at least a 30-minute nap in the afternoon I am useless past 8pm. My ankles and feet are starting to swell if I walk or sit for too long making wearing my beloved heels torture. To get through these last few weeks more comfortably I have been stretching my ribcage as much as possible, grabbing naps when I can, and spending time with my feet elevated (preferably up the wall).

Recently my ankles and feet have also been treated to a new and completely addictive at home spa treatment thanks to the kind folks at me & the girls. Me & the girls is a Beneficial Organic Beauty company that donates a portion of all of it's proceeds to organizations such as Women for Women International, The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood and GEMS. The entire me & the girls line is vegan, cruelty free and centered around supremely moisturizing Capuaca Seed Butter. All of their products make your skin look and feel amazing but it is the Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub and Creme that have really won my heart

After hoofing it around NYC all day nothing feels better on my swollen and achy feet than this scrub and creme. The Lavandula Revive Scrub has been called a "Pedicure in a Jar" and I have to agree. It helps perk up my tired feet with infusions of lavender, and fine grain sugar cane. The base of the scrub is a spearmint butter creme which leaves my feet feeling tingly and refreshed . The Lavandula Revive Foot Creme is a heavenly combination of capuscu seed butter and avocado oil blended into a mint moisturizer. I have been applying this creme every night before bed and I wake up with feet that are ready to tote ( haul?) my growing body around for another day

Me & the girlsproducts are wonderful for anyone needing a little extra hydration and pampering in their lives, not just those of moisturizing for two! Their Limonum Sugar Body Scrub is a lovely in shower treat that leaves your whole body super soft and amazing smelling. The Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar is a true multitasker that can be used as a non-foaming cleanser and moisturizer. It would be perfect for travel!

If you are in the NYC area and want to try some me & the girls products for yourself be sure to join me on April 4th at the next Beauty Food Supper Club.  Everyone who attends will go home with a deluxe gift bag featuring FULL SIZED me & the girls products along with other natural health and beauty goodies!

Spicy Sweet Express Guacamole

Spicy Sweet Express Guacamole

Happy Spring!