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The Natural Skincare Revolution

Up until now I have been lucky to get through this pregnancy with few if any uncomfortable symptoms. I am not saying the past 37 weeks have been easy, but they have been relatively drama free. However, sometime last week I got hit hard by the pregnant truck. My feet and ankles have started to swell, a true crime for the shoe obsessed like me. I have been wearing sneakers which is something I would normally NEVER do outside of an exercise class. To be fair they are super cute gold sneakers but still! I made the mistake of wearing heels to my baby shower last week and my feet are still paying the price.

I have a horrible pain in my rib cage where my daughter has decided to wedge her rear end. No matter how many ice packs I put on her fanny to try and freeze her out she just won't budge. I liken the sensation to being stabbed in the ribs by a very strong little elf. All day. And night. No fun.

Finally, the skin on my belly has started to itch. And itch. All throughout my pregnancy I have been diligent about lathering up with belly oil to prevent stretch marks.  I am still stretch mark free but my dry, stretched, sensitive belly skin has become quite scratchy. When just applying my belly oil stopped soothing the itch I reached for a gift from my friend Britta Aragon of CV Skinlabs. Sure enough, a few sprays of CV Skinlab's Rescue and Relief Spray did Electronic Cigarette the trick. The extremely cooling, soothing spray instantly made my belly feel much better. I now give my belly a good spritz several times a day and have not suffered from the itchies since!

With CV Skinlabs, Britta has created an extremely effective line of soothing and healing products that are also 100% toxin free.

Why are toxin free products important? Well, did you know:

  • The average woman wears over 500 chemicals on her face every day?
  • Even teenage girls have makeup chemicals in their blood and urine?
  • We all have measurable levels of the hormone-disrupting phthalates in our bodies, but women have more of them, most likely because of personal care products?
  • People with sensitive skin are much more likely to experience painful and irritating reactions to harsh chemicals in personal care products?

Pretty scary huh? With the creation of CV Skinlabs, Britta has taken a stand against toxins in skin care. Britta is now starting a major skincare revolution with two main goals:

1) To deliver a sampling CV Skinlabs, into every hospital in the nation.

2) To start a marketing campaign to get CV Skinlabs into cancer centers nationwide.

To accomplish these goals, Britta is trying to raise $65,000, and needs your help! You can contribute to her crowdfunding campaign at www.igg.me/at/cvskinlabs, All contributions are rewarded, and no donation is too small.

The campaign ends on May 8th, 2013 so if you are as serious about toxin free skincare as I am don't wait! Join me and Britta in the Natural Skincare Revolution!

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