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Little Black Book

Little Black Book


My apologies for the light posting lately. These last few weeks/days of pregnancy have been kicking my butt! What had been an easy, breezy eight plus months has turned into a daily struggle with swelling, exhaustion, and a general feeling of "get this baby out of me!" At this point I can safely say we are ready for baby girl's arrival. Her nursery is all done, her clothes washed and put away. We have a car seat, crib, diapers, and all the other gear such a tiny person seems to require. While I (not so) patiently wait for her to make her debut I have been doing everything I can to keep my aching, tired body comfortable and ready for birth.

At the request of a few friends both pregnant and not below is my "Little Black Book" of miracle workers in NYC that have helped me out these past few weeks. Pregnant or not, these body workers are the best I have found. If you are in the NYC area I highly encourage you to book an appointment with one of them for some serious self care!

Jennifer Efstathiou at Euphoria Spa

A facial with Jennifer is a real treat. Throughout my entire pregnancy she has made sure that my skin glowed. Also, early on when I suffered from pregnancy hormone induced "bacne" ( so gross) Jennifer performed back facials on me that helped to clear up the problem. A new mom herself I adore lying on Jennifer's table and talking about all things pregnancy, birth and baby raising. I always walk away with radiant skin and a list of new pregnancy and baby related ideas to google!

Amanda Brand at Euphoria Spa

As someone who exercises a lot my body requires frequent deep tissue massage to help repair and restore my muscles. Doug and I have been seeing Amanda for a few years for her out of this world massages. A session with her is true bliss. When I hit the safety zone of my second trimester I began seeing Amanda for pre-natal massage sessions. Knowing my body as well as she does, Amanda is able to give my muscles the deep pressure they need while keeping the safety of my growing baby in mind. I truly do not think I would have been able to exercise the way I have during my pregnancy without my sessions with Amanda.

Shari Auth

My dear friend and acupuncturist Shari is one of the most gifted healers I know. A session with her is a blissful combination of acupuncture, massage and therapy. No matter how I am feeling physically or emotionally I always get off Shari's table feeling a million times better. Shari always knows exactly what my body and soul need that day. Her gentle guidance and healing touch have truly helped me manage this pregnancy with balance and grace. Another new mom, Shari is also always good for wonderful pregnancy and baby tips.

Angel Feet

I have been told our children tend to hit us where is hurts the most. If that is true then it is no surprise my daughter has caused me swelling in my feet that has kept me in flats and sneakers the past few weeks. My foot, ankle and leg swelling gets to the point where if I walk, sit or stand for more than twenty minutes my feet begin to resemble loaves of bread. For someone who loves her heels and boney ankles this has been a painful reality of late pregnancy. Enter Angel Feet. This adorable reflexology spot in the West Village is the perfect cure for pregnant feet. A session there leaves me feeling totally relaxed, blissed out and greatly reduces the swelling in my feet.


While weekly mani pedis have been a part of my routine since I was a pre-teen, tenoverten really takes it to the next level. The pedicure chairs are incredibly comfortable, there is an iPad at every manicure station and the selection of colors cannot be beat! The best part about tenoverten? As soon as they noticed my growing belly they offered to let me get my mani pedi at the same time knowing how uncomfortable sitting can be later in pregnancy!

Kula Natal Yoga with Lara Thompson

I was very late to get on the pre natal yoga train. I didn't take my first prenatal class until about month eight. I have a strong yoga practice and was convinced I would be bored in a pre natal yoga class. I was so wrong. Classes with Lara are wonderful, especially late in pregnancy when you are riddled with aches and pains that need attention. No matter what my ailment that day be it swollen feet, painful ribs, or sore wrists Lara always has ideas on how to ease the pain.  Also, what I have learned in Lara's class has made it possible for me to still safely take my regular yoga classes by modifying for my growing body.

Belly Shots

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