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My bags are packed

I am notorious for my packing anxiety. I like to pack for trips well ahead of time so that I can edit, re-pack and re-pack again. For our wedding I started packing almost a month beforehand to make sure I did not forget anything! With my penchant for planning ahead it should be no surprise that my bag(s) for the hospital have been packed for weeks. It's so much harder to pack for one of the biggest trips of your life when you have no idea when you will be leaving on it!

There are many check lists floating around the internet of what to pack for the hospital. Some of these lists were very helpful to me, while others seemed way outdated. Who needs a calling card when everyone has cell phones??? After many attempts, below are the items I decided I just had to have when we welcome baby girl into the world! There are a few un-pictured items such as the car seat and my birth ball that are already waiting for us in the car. Like I said, I like to plan ahead!

Delivery Gown

No way am I going to put on a standard issue hospital gown to bring my daughter into the world. Luckily, thanks to this hot pink number from Pretty Pushers I don't have to. This disposable delivery gown is super soft and has openings in all the right places for exams and monitors, and even an epidural ( if I end up needing one).

Birth Plan

Although my doctor, doula and Doug all have copies of our birth plan, I tucked an extra one in my bag just in case. I fully realize that my hopes and dreams for my birth may have to go out the window, but it is still comforting to have a "wish list" in writing.

Image 9

Sheets, Pillows, Blanket

In order to personalize my birth experience even more I am bringing my own sheets, pillows and blankets with me. I have two sets of brightly printed sheets (one for labor and delivery, one for the overnight stay) packed, some nice firm pillows, and a blanket as hospitals are notoriously chilly and their blankets thin and scratchy. I opted for printed sheets so they would not get confused with the hospital's own.

Image 6

Lotions and Potions for Labor

I have no idea what I am going to find helpful and comfortable while laboring so I packed a variety of calming, comforting items:

  1. Lip balm for chapped, dry lips.
  2. Hair ties to keep sweaty hair out of my face.
  3. Auth Method Smudging Spray to make the hospital room smell more like home.
  4. CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray for my sensitive, dry skin.
  5. Earth Baby Angel Mama Stretch Oil for perineal massages to help avoid tearing.
  6. Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence to keep my face hydrated and happy.


I have been told that women tend to get cold feet ( literally) during birth, so I packed a comfy pair of slippers to walk around in. I also threw in a pair of flip flops just in case the opposite is true for me!

Image 13

Recovery Clothes

I have  a variety  of attire options for my overnight stay in the hospital. From loose sweats, to nursing tanks, to night gowns I think I have my bases covered!

Image 4


After giving birth I am sure nothing will feel better than washing my face and hopefully ( depending on how the birth went) my hair and body. My toiletry kit is packed with all of my favorites from CV SkinlabsNine Naturals, Kahina, Acure, and Soapwalla!

Essentials For Baby Girl

Doug and I are very excited to use Honest Company products on our little girl. Their diapers are adorable and as earth friendly and clean as you can get. Same goes for their wipes, baby shampoo and lotion. I packed a small supply of their products to bring to the hospital so we can get her started using them right away and avoid her coming into contact with any less than ideal, standard issue hospital products.

Not pictured is the outfit she will be coming home from the hospital in, she asked me very nicely to keep it a surprise until she arrives!

And Then There Were Three

And Then There Were Three

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