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My Tips for a Healthful New Year Featured in CeciStyle Magazine

My Tips for a Healthful New Year Featured in CeciStyle Magazine


It's the last week of 2011. How crazy is that?

This week I have the privilege of being featured in the New Year Issue of  CeciStyle magazine.

CeciStyle is a weekly online magazine created by luxury invitation designer and style expert Ceci Johnson.  Each issue shares Ceci’s latest passions and discoveries, not just in invitations, but also in the worlds of art and design, entertaining, fashion, beauty, home décor, travel and more—as well as expert advice and insights—via visually compelling editorial features, inspiration boards, and Q&A's. Already the authority on inviting style, with over half a million viewers and more, Ceci is the go-to expert for an elevated, fashion-forward lifestyle.

I first met Ceci Johnson when I was planning my wedding. We had a blast working together, and have been friends ever since. Ceci has an amazing eye for style so when she asked me to contribute my tips and recipes to CeciStyle I was flattered.

To read the full current issue of CeciStyle including my Five Tips for a Healthful New Year, and two healthful Recipes for Style click here.


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