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In The Spotlight- Juice Lane

In The Spotlight- Juice Lane


I can't believe Labor Day is only a week away. This summer has completely flown by! Doug and I have had the most special few months in the Hamptons with our baby girl. Every day has been an adventure as we get to know her better and better. The tiny infant we moved out here with at the end of June has morphed into a full-fledged chubby baby who laughs, smiles and has quite the personality! As we were on a walk the other day I noted to Doug that these past two months are probably be the most time we would ever spend together as a family. Yes, once his incredibly generous paternity leaves ends we will still see each other every morning and night but we will likely never again have two straight months of family time. So, as our extended family summer vacation draws to a close we are doing our best to savor every minute with lots of walks, beach time, farm trips, and baby snuggles.

One of our favorite discoveries this summer has been Juice Lane. As bonafied green juice fanatics Doug and I are always eager to try a new juice spot. Juice Lane in Wainscott makes incredible pressed juices that we have enjoyed almost every day this summer. As regulars we have gotten to know the owners, twin brothers Ian and Justin a bit- such nice guys! They were nice enough to answer a few interview questions for me all about their juice!

Sadly, as of Labor Day Juice Lane will be closed for the season but I have my fingers seriously crossed they will be back next summer!

Tell me a little about how Juice Lane came to be. Why pressed juice?

My brother and I used to live in Los Angeles and we wanted to open up a juice bar the in Brentwood but I ended up moving to London and by the time we were both back in LA, Pressed Juicery had opened. We have both been avid juicers for many years and were excited to bring the benefits of organic, cold pressed juice to the Hamptons.

What led you to open your first location in the Hamptons?

We have been coming to the Hamptons since we were 3 years old. Our grandparents discovered Sag Harbor over 40 years ago so we would always spend our summers and holidays at their home. The light bulb went off when we kept coming out each summer and were not able to access our favorite healthy juices in a high quality and consistent way so we decided to launch it ourselves. We wanted to launch a high-end consumer brand and what better place to launch it than the Hamptons?!

How do you come up with the delicious blends for each juice?

We were like little scientists for months trying to come up with the correct balance of ratios and formulations- we tried our best to make our green juices drinkable. We believe we have great palettes for juice and that our product is the cleanest on the market so you can taste the difference.

What makes your juice different from others available?

We partnered with our acupuncturist and holistic practitioner in Los Angeles, Dr Michelle Kung, so w based our juice formulations on eastern medicine - this definitely sets us apart from others. Along with the fact that we do not use fillers, water, agave, and sea salt as a preservatives - just pure juice!

Do you have a favorite juice? Mine is the Farms 1 (yum)!

Justin's favorite drink is called Circulation, it consists of apple, lemon, and ginger. I really like the zing of the ginger and it is a powerful super food antioxidant that combats inflammation, aids digestion, and improves both blood circulation (hence the name) and liver function. Ian's favorite drink is Skin Glow. I finally found a way to enjoy an all greens drink without feeling like a glutton for punishment. I enjoy knowing that my body is getting an overwhelming supply of vital nutrients to reduce inflammation and help alkalize the body. The addition of apple makes it a little sweeter and the cilantro acts as a detoxifier.

Juice Lane also carries a well curated variety of healthy snacks and treats. How do you choose what non-juice items you will stock?

Everything we sell in the store are products that we love and have been using or eating for a while.

Do you have plans to open other Juice Lane locations in the future?

Yes, we definitely plan on opening up other Juice Lane locations in the Fall. We are currently assessing our options so stayed tuned! To join our mailing list please send us your email to news@juicelane.com

Besides Juice Lane what are your five other healthy Hamptons must visit spots?

  1. Flywheel
  2. The beach to run and get grounded
  3. SLT
  4. Yoga Shanti and Kama Deva
  5. Provisions for their healthy and delicious food
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