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Hermione's Friends

Hermione's Friends


Hermione's first birthday is rapidly approaching. I can't believe it has been almost a year since I met this miraculous little lady and my life was forever changed. As cliche as it may sound I honestly cannot remember my life before I was her mama. This past year has simultaneously been the most fun, most challenging, most joyous, most exhausting, longest and shortest year of my life. Anyone with children will understand what I am talking about. The days are very long ( I feel like I have lived a million lifetimes by 11am) but the weeks and months are so short!

Over the past year Hermione has collected quite a few stuffed friends who reside her new playroom (formerly our den). As I have mentioned before we have a strict no plastic, no batteries, no gizmos and no gadgets rule when it comes to Hermione's toys. Most of her stuffed pals are handmade by small companies or individual designers. Recently, a few friends have asked me my favorite places to buy Hermione dolls and stuffed toys so I thought I would share her very best buddies!

Jess Brown Dolls

Jess Brown makes the MOST stunning handmade dolls. Each one is unique and she frequently does collaborations with other designers which makes her dolls even more collectible. I bought Hermione an Atsuyo et Akiko collaboration doll (second from left) before she was born and the lovely ladies of Sissy + Marley gave her the stunning Wovenplay one on the left as a "welcome to the world present." Hermione MAY have a new Jess Brown doll coming as a Birthday present from Mama but don't tell her!

BlablaKids Elephant

In keeping with the elephant theme of her nursery  Hermione loves this adorable knit elephant doll from Blah Blah Kids.  All Blah Blah dolls are hand knit in Peru by skilled artisans. We names Hermione's elephant Chobe after the game reserve in Botswana known for it's elephant herds.

Snuggly Ugly Argyle Mostrito 

Beverly, Hermione's Snuggly Ugly doll is her very best pal. Handmade from up-cycled cashmere sweaters each Snuggly Ugly doll in incredibly squishy, soft and perfect for little hands. Beverly has gone everywhere with Hermione!

Oeuf Taxi

Every New York City kid needs a taxi now and then right? All of Oeuf's knit toys are handmade in Bolivia out of 100% Baby Alpaca Wool. They are super soft, slightly kitchy and fun to play with.

Lieschen Müller Cat Doll

We found this little kitty at our favorite toyshop, Norman and Jules.  Made in Germany out of cotton and linen she is equally as pretty to look at as she is fun to play with.

Snuggly Ugly Rag Doll

Indira, the amazing designer behind Snuggly Ugly custom made this doll for Hermione. We named her Natasha because she just looked like a Russian ballerina to us! She has brown hair like Hermione and an adorbale purple tutu. Like Beverly, she is made from up-cycled cashmere and is both sustainable and soft! I have mommy fantasies about Hermione dancing around the house in a tutu playing with Natasha!

Maileg Mega Maxi Bunny

This giant Maileg bunny is another find from Norman and Jules. We named her Penelope and dressed her in a pink Atsuyo et Akiko tutu. Yes, most of Hermione's friends wear tutus. She is currently bigger than Hermione but I know these two have lots of quality playtime in their future!

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Inside My Makeup Bag

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