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CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty


The other day I spent the afternoon at CAP Beauty, a gorgeous new natural beauty boutique in the West Village. The owners, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima gave me an in depth tour of the entire store which includes many exciting natural beauty brands I had never heard of.  CAP stand for "Clean and Pure" and their shop certainly is that. The aesthetic is gorgeous and each product they carry is of the highest quality. I almost walked out with the entire store but was able to narrow it down thanks to Cindy and Kerrilynn's expert help!

Some of the many gorgeous products that caught my attention were ( from top left to right):

I am always on the hunt for the ultimate face serum. Vinter's Daughter Active Botanical Serum is über luxe and powerful created in Northern California using 22 of the world'd most active organic and wild botanicals. The intense serum fights signs of aging, stimulates cell turnover, maintains skin elasticity, strengthens collagen, prevents wrinkles, deliver oxygen to cells and fight free-radical damage. Powerful stuff! Coincidentally, the founder's family owns the vineyard where Doug and I got engaged- maybe that's why I loved it so much?

Kerrilynn put together her ultimate routine for beauty inside and out for me (top center photo). These products for the body and skin are her top picks for overall radiance. They included Instant Reishi for balance, Dr. Alkaitis Treatment Oil  for a deep clean, In Fiore Lustra Illuminating Floral Essence for a skin hydrating and beautifying cleansing ritual, Shamanuti Seaweed Toner for rich sea mineral nourishing, Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser for everyday cleansing, African Botanicals Mineral Cleansing Mask for clay based deep cleaning and May Lindstrom The Honey Mud for heavenly smelling hydration.

I love discovering new products to use on Hermione's soft, delicate skin. Zoe Organics Baby Oil and Cream are both super gentle and hydrating for young, delicate skin.

CAP Beauty's The CAPtivator Spray has become a multiple time a day necessity for me. I spray it on myself whenever I need a pick me up. I even spray it on Hermione when she is bring cranky and edgy. It's amazing and smells divine!

During my visit Kerrilynn made me the CAP Beauty "house drink" a tea made from Sun Potion He Shou Wu and Tocos. It not only tasted delicious but had a wonderful calming and balancing effect on me. I have since become a huge fan of the Tocos and enjoy it's naturally sweet flavor in smoothies, on berries and even by the handful!

I love hydrating body oils and much prefer them over lotions. Butter Elixer has developed a cult following amongst the fashion crowd and yogi's alike for good reason. Made from Argan and Sweet Almond Oil it not only get's you glowing but also eases tension, and supports your immune system.

I spent almost two hours at CAP Beauty and could have easily stayed the whole day. In the very near future they will be offering facials and a select few other treatments and I cannot wait to return!

CAP Beauty is located at 238 West 10th Street and is well worth a visit!

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