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My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day


This past weekend I celebrated my third Mother's Day as Hermione's mama. The weekend was full of fun, family and lots of snuggles and kisses. I pinch myself everyday at how lucky I am to be this little girl's mom. She brings more love and joy to my world that words can possibly express. I truly do not remember how I filled my days before she was here. Life just feels so much more full and fun with her in it. My favorite part about having a toddler is how much of NYC I get to explore and see for the first time. I have been a New Yorker for 33 years and have never spent so much time in this city's amazing parks and on the water front.

We started the weekend at a street fair to benefit the preschool Hermione will be attending next year. It's crazy to think that my little baby will be going to school in a few months (even if it's only three hours a day). There were lots of fun craft stations- Hermione particularly loved the beads!

We also shared a bit of roasted corn for lunch! One thing that has majorly changed since becoming a mother- my food is never my own!

Mother's Day morning started off with breakfast on the Soho House roof with my mom. No pictures are allowed at Soho House but we had a nice time munching on avocado toast and sipping decaf almond lattes. Hermione and Doug even went for a swim! We attempted a group selfie on the way out but Hermione didn't want to join.

Our next stop was Jane's Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This gorgeous restored carousel on the water is one of my favorite spots in the city. Always full of quirks, Hermione refuses to actually ride a horse. She prefers to stand next to them in my arms. As soon as the ride is over she always says " see more horses! see more horses!." I think we clocked in at five rides this visit.

After the carousel we wandered around Brooklyn Bridge Park and the water front. We stopped at River Cafe to look at the flowers, and then headed over to the pier to catch a ferry back to Manhattan. Hermione loves riding the "big boats" aka the Hudson and East River Ferries.

While Hermione was napping Doug treated me to a facial and a massage back at Soho House. I rarely indulge in spa treatments anymore so having 2.5 hours to myself to be pampered was pure heaven. After my spa I met Doug, Hermione and his parents for dinner back at the Soho House clubhouse. Again, no pictures allowed but we finally managed to get Hermione to take a selfie on the way out!

She clearly wasn't pleased about it and was pretty tired and cranky after a long day of fun. Hey, motherhood isn't all smiles and giggles after all!

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