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Seasonal Allergy Relief

Seasonal Allergy Relief


While the cherry blossoms on my street and all over the city are lovely I am ready for them to go away. I have suffered from seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember and those beautiful blossoms are always a sign of trouble for me. Every spring for about three weeks my eyes get puffy, my sinuses get clogged and I feel like somebody has punched me in the face. This allergy season has been said to be the worst in recent history with talk of a "Pollen Vortex". My symptoms were so bad last week I had full on body aches. When allergy season hits I have an arsenal of natural remedies I go to to alleviate my symptoms. Short of taking medication (which I won't do) I have tried it all. Here's what helps me survive allergy season!

Chinese Herbs

My acupuncturist recommended these herbs to me to immediately relive my allergy symptoms and they have really helped. A few days after starting them the pressure in my sinuses was greatly decreased.

Lavender Essential Oil *

I apply a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil on my sinuses and the back of my neck to help alleviate the pressure and soothe my symptoms.

Local Raw Honey

Raw honey from local bees is supposed to help you build immunity to the specific pollen you are being exposed to. I buy honey at the farmer’s market from bees as close to NYC as possible. If only there was a TriBeCa apiary! The propolis at the top of the honey jar is especially helpful.

Bach Flower Remedies

I have recently gotten into Bach Flower Remedies for various ailments including allergies. Four drops each of WalnutCrab Apple and Star of Bethlehem in my drinking water has been helping me a lot. Whenever my bottle goes empty I add more flower drops before refilling.

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