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Pazzi Pasta

Hermione Pumpkin

Hermione is a major pasta lover. She loves to sit on our kitchen counter and eat warm bowls of plain quinoa pasta straight from the colander! Usually before I can get sauce on it! When she does wait until her pasta has been sauced she is a huge fan of the homemade tomato sauce her nanny makes. Lucky girl has the most amazing nanny who happens to be from an Italian family and makes Hermione tons and tons of her grandma's famous sauce!

Like most of her diet I am very particular with the type of pasta I will let Hermione eat. I steer clear of plain white flour pasta which has little nutritional value and instead give her naturally gluten free and protein rich pastas such as quinoa pasta.

Given my high standards for Hermione's pasta I was thrilled to learn about Pazzi Pasta in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. A family run business, Pazzi Pasta serves delicious pasta dishes made with homemade ancient grain pasta (think buckwheat and kamut) and Southern Italian inspired sauces made from local produce. The restaurant is a "choose your own adventure" format where diners pick their pasta and sauce combination from all of the mouth watering options.

A few weeks ago Doug, Hermione and I had the pleasure of having dinner at Pazzi Pasta. Owner and Manager Dan Campanile treated us to an amazing tasting of many of his favorite combinations. We all left very, very full (and happy!)

We started off with Spinach Pasta with Almond Cauliflower Garlic Sauce topped with Mixed Mushrooms. The sauce had an almost creamy taste while being totally vegan. It passed the Hermione taste test!

Next up was a Buckwheat Gluten Less Pasta with Puttanesca Sauce. They call the pasta "gluten less" instead of gluten free because there is a chance of some cross contamination in his kitchen with gluten containing pastas. Good to know! This pasta was by far Hermione's favorite. She couldn't get enough of the spicy puttanesca sauce and the "brown pasta" as she called it!I am a huge pesto fan and was excited to try the Kamut Pasta with Fresh Basil Pesto. The pasta and sauce pairing was so simple but incredibly delicious. You know the ingredients are top quality when such a simple dish is so incredibly flavorful.

Last but not least we sampled Pazzi's Gluten Less Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. This was the best "gluten free" pasta I have ever tasted. Usually these types of pastas can be chewy and a little bland but Francesca Campanile (Dan's sister) really got it perfect here. The sauce, like all of the ones we tried was also wonderful, bursting with freshness and flavor. 

We loved our visit to Pazzi Pasta and plan to make it a regular Mercer Family dinner spot. If you are ever in Cobble Hill or near by I urge you to try it out!

xx Hermione and Mommy

Note: While Pazzi Pasta graciously hosted us for dinner the opinions here are entirely our own. We are genuine Pazzi fans!

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