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All About the Accessories


Like her mama, Hermione is all about accessories. She has yet to meet a purse, necklace or bracelet she doesn't like. She loves piling her necklaces on in layers and often insists on leaving the house with two purses, 5-6 necklaces and a stack of bracelets. She will declare "I've got all my stuff!" and off we go. She hasn't quite discovered less is more! Currently in heavy rotation are her watermelon and pineapple purses from crewcuts. She wears them as a pair, because why not?

Some of Hermione's current favorites pictured above include:

This heart and pom pom necklace from Atsuyo et Akiko. She also has and loves the star version.

This chalkboard heart necklace is perfect for writing little love notes!

On our Palm Beach vacation Hermione's daddy made her a charm necklace with an H, cupcake and "Daddy's Girl" charm. We both love getting jewelry from him!

Happy Accessorizing!

xoxo Hermione and Mommy

Ring Cleaning

Ring Cleaning

Seasonal Allergy Relief

Seasonal Allergy Relief