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Teeny Yogini

Doug and I both have strong yoga practices so it is no wonder Hermione is turning into a teeny yogini. I practiced yoga my entire pregnancy (check out my pre-natal yoga video here) and once Hermione was born we went to baby and me yoga all the time. Our yoga classes together are still some of my favorite memories of our first summer.

Last year, for her first birthday she got this adorable little yoga mat and has loved pulling it out and doing yoga ever since. She is even beginning to learn the names for some poses such as Warrior Two, Down Dog, Triangle and Headstand. We are still working on teaching her the sanskirt names... one thing at a time!

As you can see below even a fancy dress can't stop her from getting her asana on!Whenever Doug or I pull out our mats she always grabs hers and jumps right in. Daddy/daughter headstand clinic. Half Moon is a little tricky!

Working on Warrior Two!

This summer I plan to take her to some toddler yoga classes and I can't wait. My hope is that yoga will become as much a part of her life as it is mine and Doug's. A strong yoga practice can help you with balance, strength, flexibility and inner calm-all things I hope Hermione has as she grows up. Soon enough she, Doug  and I will be taking class together!

xoxo Hermione and Mommy

This is Two

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