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Toddler Travel

Before our trip to Jamaica I was more than a bit nervous about traveling with Hermione. We hadn't taken her on a plane since she was a baby and I had no idea how she would react. I began packing for our trip far, far ahead of time to make sure I didn't leave anything at home. Yes, I am just a little Type A.My biggest project was packing a carry on full of everything she might possibly need for our flight. I am happy to say it worked and Hermione was a champ on the plane! So much so that we decided to take another short beach vacation! On Wednesday we are leaving town again for a quick beach trip to Florida and I am much less nervous this time. I feel like I have my toddler travel essentials down!

Here's a look at what's inside my carry on. OK, let's be honest it's Hermione's carry on!

Clockwise from left to right:

I love to use this big bag as a carry on. It has a shoulder strap which is useful when your toddler want's to be picked up and zips closed to keep everything inside!

Although I limit Hermione's screen time at home on a plane anything goes. She is currently obsessed with Finding Nemo, The Muppets and The Muppets Most Wanted and will watch them all the way through. She loves this soft IPad case and pink headphones. The headphones are noise limiting so I feel safe that she won't blast her hearing with too much volume.

I always pack plenty of snacks, green juice and water for Hermione. I pack her snack in these great bento boxes so she has a variety of options. Her green juice goes in her favorite pink Thermos, and her water goes in this adorable bottle. When traveling with kids you can get liquids through security you just have to let them know ahead of time that they are for the child and they will briefly test them. No one has ever given us a problem.

I always make sure to have a change of clothes, 3-4 diapers and wipes with me. You never know when you will need a change. I also usually pack a change of shirt for me incase she decides to spill green juice all over me!

Sticker books and flap book are great for travel. They keep her amused on the plane and are great to tote along to the beach as well. I like to get Hermione 2-3 new books for a trip and give them to her on the plane. She get's very excited to discover her presents!

This monogrammed travel blanket and pillow set is great for chilly airplanes. Theoretically it would be great for an airplane nap too but Hermione is usually too excited by the airplane to sleep!

Theses rolls of stickers are crazy cheap and fun. Hermione like to unroll them and stick them everywhere! She currently has and obsession with "eyeballs" so these funny eye stickers were right up her alley! This animal sticker roll is a big hit too!

For international travel I keep all of our documents, passports, credit cards etc. in this travel wallet. It's much easier to have everything in one place than to have it all loose in my bag!

If all of this planning works (and it did!) I should be able to crack open a book and get some reading done while Hermione plays and watches movies. I am currently loving this book!

Do you have any toddler travel essentials I am leaving out? I would love to know!

xoxo Hermione and Mommy

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