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Teepee for One

Next to her nursery, Hermione's playroom is my favorite room in our home. It's the perfect spot dance parties, coloring, hosting playdates, or snuggling with stories. This year, for Christmas I decided to get Hermione a teepee to add to her playroom. I wanted her to have a cozy spot to look at book, and a place for her many, many stuffed friends to live. I looked around forever for the perfect one. It had to be cozy but still chic enough to please mommy. It also had to fit in with the white, silver and gray motif.

I almost gave up my search when I discovered Tnees Teepes. Their teepees are all handmade and totally gorgeous. The best part is Courtney can customize anything you like. Courtney was so wonderful to work with and was willing to search and search until she found just the right star fabric for Hermione's teepee. We even ordered matching pillows and a personalized floor mat to tie it all together!

Hermione, mommy and all of the "Merry Pranksters" that live inside love her new teepee so much. It's the perfect cozy nook!

xoxo Hermione and Mommy

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