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Little Book Worm

Like her mommy, Hermione is a major bookworm. She can often be found alone in her playroom amidst a pile of books "reading" contentedly. Storytime is a major, major part of our bedtime routine and seems to get longer every night. Recently, Hermione has taken to requesting which books she wants and then going to find them herself. She always knows exactly what story she wants to hear, and even has some of her favorites memorized. Nothing cuter than hearing her "read" along to her favorite stories with mommy or daddy.

Hermione has an extensive library, but these are the current favorites that get read over and over again!

Duck and Goose and Duck Duck Goose (hilarious tales of two funny friends)

Bear and Bee and Bear and Bee Too Busy ( simple and sweet stories about an unexpected friendship)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ( a classic that really helped Hermione learn the alphabet)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear ( another classic, she never gets bored of it)

Home (Home is where the heart is) Sadly I can't find this one anywhere online but it's great so ask your local bookstore!

The Little Pea ( all about celebrating uniqueness)

Little Owl Lost (beautifully illustrated story about a little owl looking for his mommy)

The Pout-Pout Fish ( hearing Hermione say "blub, bulb, bluuub" makes me laugh every time)

Colors, Numbers and Opposites (great learning books with creative cut outs)

But Not the Hippopotamus (a silly classic, we love anything by Sandra Boynton)

Your Personal Penguin (I sing while Doug dances in the background, it's a site)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar ( this book has been so well loved we are on our second copy)

Little Owl's Night (a beautiful tale about the forest at night)

Snuggle Puppy ( another fun sing along book where you make up the tune)

Alpha Block (Hermione really learned her alphabet from this one)

Photographs by Mia McDonald and Viera Photographics

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