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Holiday Gift Guide with Norman and Jules

Last week Hermione and I took a trip to Norman and Jules, our most favorite toy shop to pick out some gifts for Hermione to give (and get) this holiday season. Norman and Jules is packed with so many incredible, unique, gorgeous toys it was hard to not walk away with half of the store! After a few hours of playing and exploring, Hermione and I picked out some of our favorite gifts to get all the little ones on your list!

For Babies

Snuggly Ugly Mostrito 

For the littlest ones on your list Hermione highly suggests a Snuggly Ugly Mostrito. True to their name these cuties are uber-soft and snuggly. Made by hand in Brooklyn from up-cycled cashmere sweaters they are sure to make fast friends with any baby!  Hermione's Snuggly Ugly, Beverly, was her first friend and still has a spot of honor in her playroom.

Poupee Wave Doll

Another soft and friendly option for babies are these gorgeous Poupee Wave Dolls. Created intentionally with no face, and no distinctive front and back these dolls leave it all up to the imagination. As the child gets older this doll would also be great for open ended, creative play and make believe!

For Young Toddlers

Walking Wooden Penguin 

This classic toy entertained Hermione the entire time we were shopping. She kept coming back to it over and over again! Just set him up on his ramp and he will shuffle down. He even does the cutest little two step when he gets to the bottom!


Large Set of Rainbow Boxes

Another one of Hermione's favorite finds were these beautiful rainbow stacking boxes. She loved nesting them inside of each other and stacking them into a tower. The boxes could also serve as little tables or beds for tiny dolls or figures. The possibilities are endless!

For Older Toddlers

Cherrywood Gears and Pegs 

Meant to teach the basics of machines, this gear and peg set has been around since 1989. Older toddlers will surely love putting the gears onto the board into different configurations to make them move. Even though she is little Hermione had fun with this one too!

Snuggly Ugly + Muny Rag Doll  

This gorgeous collaboration between Snuggly Ugly and Muny is sure to make any little girl smile. Muny fabrics are custom crafted in India, using traditional block printing, weaving, and hand-dyeing techniques. The results, as seen on this lovely doll's dress, are just stunning. Hermione has one of these beauties at home and they love playing together!

For Big Kids

Fairy House Kit 

Using the natural wonders included in this kit big kids can make a cozy house for their fairies. Perfect for long winter days indoors this gorgeous kit is sure to spark the imagination! Even little Hermione was enthralled!

My River Puzzle

Who doesn't love puzzles? This giant 54 piece puzzle is nearly 10' long when assembled! 

littleBits Base Kit

The easiest electronic construction kit around! Conceived of at the MIT Media Lab, littleBits makes electronic modules with specific functions such as lights, motion and sound. A great gift for any budding inventor!

Thank you Courtney and Avi for letting us come and play! We had the best time!

xoxo Hermione and Mommy

Hermione's Outfit:

Star Dress: Talc

Wing Boots: chickpea kid

Holiday Style

Berry, Merry and Bright