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Mommy and Me Travel Essentials

Mommy and Me Travel Essentials


With almost three years and countless trips under my motherhood belt I feel confident saying I am a bit of an expert when it comes to packing carry on bags for myself and Hermione. Over the past few years I have been able to get what each of us needs on hand on the plane down to a science and have much less packing anxiety than I used to! Being pregnant this past winter added a whole new level to traveling with a toddler but I still managed to fly to and from Bermuda and Jamaica with little discomfort and stress. With spring break trips  coming up in March for many people I though I would share my carry on essentials bot for mom and mini!

For Mom

Lightweight Carry On

I don't go anywhere without my Kempton and Co. Carryall. It's big, lightweight, zips at the top and can double as a beach bag when we get to our destination. The ultimate mommy bag!

Compression Socks

This is not only for the pregnant mommies out there. Compression socks are a great idea for anyone when flying as they make sure your blood keeps circulating in your legs and feet so you don't land with achy, tired feet. This pair from Vim and Vigor is much cuter than anything else out there!

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

Skin can get extremely dry and dehydrated from all the recirculated airplane air. This heavenly spray from Tata Harper keeps my skin feeling fresh and moist the whole flight!

Water, Water, Water

As soon as I get through security I buy four giant bottles of water and make sure I drink them all by the time I land. Flying is super dehydration and all the extra trips to the bathroom are worth it if you can land well hydrated-even more important when pregnant!

A Good Book

If I have done my job and Hermione's carry on is packed well I will actually have time to crack open a book on the plane. Currently I am working my way though the Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante and LOVING them.


For Mini

A Cute Backpack

Now that Hermione is older she has a bit more stuff and can't really share a bag with me anymore. I got her her own adorable backpack for travel and she loves carrying it ( although it's sometimes too heavy) and rooting through to see what goodies mom has put inside.

Green Juice

Like her mom and dad Hermione has a serious green juice habit. Did you know you are allowed to take liquids through airport security if they are for a baby or small child? I pack Hermione a full bottle of her favorite Juice Press green juice as well as a spare for refills. At security they just test it with a little strip and we are on our way!

Snacks, snacks, sna

My girls likes to eat so I make sure I always have plenty of healthy snack options on hand for long travel days. Recently she has been loving organic popcorn, apples, raisins, as well as her favorite granola and crackers. Pack more snacks than you think you will need-you don't want to get stuck with a hungry toddler in case of travel delays.

Ipad Mini

While I try to really limit Hermione's screen time, travel days are a big exception. She has her very own iPad mini in this adorable toddler proof case and can easily sit and watch two or three feature length movies on a flight. Currently she is loving classic Muppet movies, Kung Fu Panda, Tangled and The Good Dinosaur.

Sticker Books

There is something about toddlers and stickers. Give my girl a sticker book and she is over the moon happy for a long time. I like to load her backpack up with a few movie themed sticker books so she can play with her favorite characters.

Soft Cover Books

Hermione is a book worm like her mom so I make sure to always have a few books on hand for an impromptu story time. These soft cover Charlie and Lola books are a fun read for both of us and are super small and packable. Added bonus is the gentle introduction to the idea of having a little sibling!

Change of Clothes

With a toddler still getting the hang of using the potty a change of clothes ( or two) is imperative. For travel days I always dress Hermione in comfy leggings and a sweatshirt for the plane ride!

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