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Packing for Baby Girl

Packing for Baby Girl


With my due date quickly approaching and knowing Hermione was a full two weeks early I have been spending some time crossing things off my list for baby girl's arrival. The bassinet is set up in our bedroom, my birth ball is inflated (although Hermione has decided it is her giant bouncy ball), the infant car seat is in our car, and all the baby clothes are washed and put away.  One of the last things on my list was packing bags to take to the hospital both for myself and the little one. I packed almost exactly what I did for Hermione's arrival which made things easy as I had a good list to go from. Since last time around I shared what was inside my own bag for labor, delivery and our short hospital stay I thought I would give a peek into the little bag I packed for the baby.

Although it was a bit of a splurge I couldn't resist buying this adorable Bonpoint overnight and toiletry bag set to pack her essentials in. After this initial hospital trip I know it will gets tons of use on our weekend adventures! Inside the toiletry bag are Honest Co. diapers and wipes as well as coconut oil for diaper changes. Coconut oil is especially helpful in gently wiping meconium off of newborn bottoms!

While we are at the hospital the baby will likely just be in a diaper and a swaddle to keep her warm and cozy. To avoid her having to use the hospital blankets which are washed in harsh chemicals I packed two of our own much cuter, organic cotton options from Monica and Andy, and my all time favorite Tane Organics.

When it's time to bring our baby girl home I packed two potential outfits for her to wear. Hey, I like options! The first is the same Bonpoint outfit Hermione wore home from the hospital with the addition of this hat (I couldn't resist the little bear ears!). It is very special and I love the idea of both sisters coming home in the same thing. As a second option I also packed this adorable, and incredibly soft newborn top, pants and hat set from Monica and Andy.

Last but certainly not least I included the Bonpoint knit quilt (no longer available) that we put over Hermione in her car seat to keep her nice and snuggly. It's another super special piece to me and I am so happy it is getting a second life!

Although she may not know it, baby girl is also packing a few gifts to bring to her big sister when they meet. Hermione has been the center of our world for the past three years and I know the addition of a new baby will be both wonderful and challenging for her. To help remind her that she is still very special and that it is not all about the baby, I bought a few gifts for her baby sister to "give" her when they first meet.

My plan is for Hermione to throw a "big sister tea party" for her new baby sister at the hospital so all of her gifts fit into that theme. She is obsessed with puppets and princesses so this adorable new friend from Silly Puppets seemed like the perfect third guest to have at their party.

For the perfect tea party attire I picked out this Rapunzel dress from Chasing Fireflies. It is based on the dress from Tangled (one of her favorite movie) and I know she will be thrilled to put it on!

Speaking of Tangled I also got her these figurines from the movie, she loves mini figures and these will be a welcome addition to her collection.

No big sister tea party would be complete without a new tea set to commemorate the occasion. As soon as I saw this purple elephant tea set I knew Hermione had to have it. Elephants are her signature animal after all!

With my bags all packed the only thing missing is my baby girl. Here's hoping she makes her appearance soon!

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