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Revisiting My Baby Gear Esssentials

Revisiting My Baby Gear Esssentials


When I first became pregnant with Hermione over four years ago I was overwhelmed with the huge variety of baby gear choices out there. I knew I didn't want to overload on stuff but instead wanted to focus on just the essentials- and hopefully find things that were not too unsightly. Before Portia's arrival I revisited our baby gear and updated a few items that had either suffered too much wear and tear with Hermione, or that I found newer, cooler versions of. It's amazing how much the baby gear landscape changes in just a few short years! This coming winter several of my girlfriends are expecting their second and third babies (guess something was in the air last spring?!?!) so at their request here is my updated list of use them everyday/have to have them/baby gear essentials that we are loving now!


This cozy baby "docking station" has been nothing short of amazing with Portia. She can safely snuggle up inside it and sleep almost anywhere. We have used it as a co-sleeper in our bed, for naps on the couch, inside her travel crib to make it more cozy- you name it! The best part is it is super portable! It has been great this summer for getting her to nap at new places such a friend's houses for afternoon BBQ's. I couldn't love this cozy nest more and will be very sad when she outgrows it.

Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat

It's recommended you get a new infant car seat every two years as the safety standards are constantly changing. Having given Hermione's infant seat to a friend we decided on the Nuna Pipa for Portia. Yes, infant car seats are heavy and can be annoying to lug around but so far this one has been great. It is fairly light to carry (without my chubby baby in it) and the base installs in seconds. I especially love the built in nap shade which is great for when Portia falls asleep in the car and needs a little privacy to nap in peace!

Beco Gemmini Carrier

I wore Hermione a ton as a baby until she was about 18 months old. She hated the stroller so having her in a carrier was always the least stressful option. As a second child Portia spends even more time in a carrier than Hermione did. In the city she is on me so her big sister can occupy the stroller. When we are in the country or at the beach the carrier comes in handy for hikes, walks around town and as a way to help Portia sneak in a nap. After trying every baby wearing device out there I can safely say the Beco Gemini is my favorite. It is soft, lightweight, easy to put on and comes in such pretty patterns! You can also use it from birth ( 7lbs and up) without an infant insert!

Emily and Merritt for Pottery Barn Kids Baby Gym

Let's face it, as a rule baby gyms are ugly. I'm talking bright colors, cartoony animals etc. This super chic black, white and gold baby gym from the designers behind Current Elliot and The Great is the answer to any stylish mama's prayers. It fits in with our decor and Portia adores playing on it! Win win!

Bloom CoCo Go Organic Lounger

We had this bouncy chair with Hermione and it is still going strong. It folds up easily and comes with a great travel bag. This summer Portia has been spending alot of time hanging out in it by the pool watching us swim and she seems totally content. An added bonus is the fabric easily slips off and can be washed and dried in the washing matchine!

Boon Soak 3 Stages Bath Tub

We had the Boon Colllapsable Tub for Hermione. We liked the tub enough but as a little baby she kept slipping to the botttom so we constantly had to hold her up with one hand or line the tub with towels to help keep her in place. The Boon Soak fixes this problem with a little wedge seat at the bottom to help keep baby upright and in place. This tub is pretty basic as far as baby tubs go but that is how I prefer them!

Baby Bjron Travel Light Crib

I was gifted this travel crib at my baby shower for Hermione and it sat in our storage unit until a month ago. I never used it with Hermione- we always traveled places that had cribs and then I turned around and she was three and no longer sleeping in a crib! With Portia I have made an effort to get her used to the travel crib early so she is more "portable" and we don't have to depend on hotel cribs or cribs at rental houses. Portia has been in this crib all of August and she is sleeping like a dream in it! That might be due to some "sleep learning" (more on that another time) we did earlier this month but my hunch is that it also has to do with the super cozy, comfy travel crib!

Portia's Lovey

Portia's Lovey

Yoga Teddy Bear

Yoga Teddy Bear