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Portia's Lovey

Portia's Lovey


Before Hermione was born I picked out a lovey for her- a small soft pink blanket with a little elephant head attached. I had read a lot about transitional objects and how they can help babies learn to self soothe from a young age. I slept with Hermione's lovey for several nights to get my scent on it. I handed it to her while she was nursing so it would smell like milk. When she was about four months old and I was confident she could sleep safely with it I placed it in her crib for her to snuggle. My plan must have worked because Hermione still sleeps with "Night Night" every single night. Even though she is now grey, ripped and looks nothing like an elephant she still adores her lovey. She even brought her to the first few weeks of preschool to help ease her fears during the separation process.

When I was pregnant with Portia I wanted to find her a similarly special lovey, something she could snuggle every night and get attached to. As soon as I discovered Oja Moon cashmere animals I knew my lovey search was over.

Oja Moon was created by the New York City based nonprofit organization, Kids of Kathmandu started to fund education, food, and medical for the NYCDS orphanage of 49 children. Each cashmere stuffed friend takes 2 days to make by hand at a Women's Center down the road from the orphanage. Not only does each Oja Moon animal generate funds for the orphanage, but it helps to employ the women at this center who lack financial security, many struggling to send their children to school and many who are widows, needing income to provide for their family.

Portia loves her bunny so much that she reaches for it every time she gets into her crib and smushes it into her face. It is so cute to watch her form a close bond with her soft snuggly friend.

Oja Moon makes a bunch of adorable animals besides bunnies. I especially love the bears and ponies and plan to gift a few to all the new babies my friends and family are expecting this winter!


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