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Surviving the Rest of Winter

Surviving the Rest of Winter


Do you ever feel like winter is endless? Despite the mild nature of this winter I am ready to kiss it goodbye. There are no more holidays left to celebrate, no more long weekends, just a long stretch of winter ahead.

I long for warm weather, sandals, and weekend trips to the beach. Sadly there is quite a bit of cold, dull, gray winter left here in NYC and I need to find a way to cope. Since I am sure I am not alone I thought I would share some of my tricks for dealing with winter. While they may not bring you warm weather and sundresses, they are sure to make the remainder of February and March a little easier!

Green Juice

Green juice is an everyday must for me. No matter where I am or what I am doing I do my very best to drink at least 16 oz of fresh green juice everyday. In the winter I find this more important than ever. The vitamins, mineral and enzymes in fresh green juice keep me from getting sick during the long winter. Incorporating a green juice into your winter routine will help you feel light, buzzy and summery. I promise.


When the weather gets cold I quickly feel my face and body getting dull and dry.  A super hydrating moisturizer combo like Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil and Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer keeps my face dewy all winter long.

For my body I love to use Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter. The smell makes me feel and smell like I am on a desert island instead of the island of Manhattan.

Sweat it Out

When it’s cold outside nothing feels better to me than breaking a really good sweat. When the rest of my day is spent donning sweaters, boots and coats it feels great to wear a tank top and leggings and sweat it out. My sweaty sanctuary of choice is SoulCycle, nothing beats the way I feel after a class there! Exercise also releases tons of natural endorphins, which are great for fighting the winter blues. Best of all by keeping up my exercise routine all winter I know that I’ll be toned and ready when sundress and swimsuit season hits!

Epsom Salt Bath

A hot bath at the end of a long winter day is extremely comforting and relaxing. I like to light some candles and take the time to really zone out. Epsom salts are amazing at helping relax and relieve muscle tension. I keep a mason jar full of them next to the tub. For an extra special bath I add of few drops of essential oil. Really makes the whole experience!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

In the winter I find myself feeling bear-like. As in I want to hibernate! Our sleep and wake cycles are regulated by sunlight which suppresses the production of melatonin by the brain. As daylight fades, the brain produces more melatonin, which causes us to feel sleepy. It is totally normal to want/need more sleep in the wintertime. While it is not good to get too much sleep, a good night’s worth is essential to good health. While we sleep our bodies do a lot of important housekeeping including hormone regulation and detoxification.  Without proper sleep we are more susceptible to illness. If you want to be fresh and healthy when spring comes, get your beauty sleep!

Summery Smoothie

By mid February I start to tire of wintertime food. I adore yams, squashes, and hot soups but right about now I am craving a summertime famers market! With the abundance of spring and summer produce a few months away I have found a temporary solution. Drinking a summery smoothie like my Cherry Vanilla Shake or my Beachside Smoothie satisfies my need for something light, sweet and summery.  Thank goodness Whole Foods had organic frozen fruit year round!

Get Out of Town

My best and favorite way to endure the end of winter is to get out of town. It is amazing what a night or two out of my apartment and my usual routine will do for my spirits. This year we are lucky enough to go on a belated anniversary trip to the Caribbean. Five days of warm sun, sand and ocean will recharge my batteries fully. I am always happier when I can see and smell the ocean. I know that a tropical trip does not fit into everyone’s winter plans but there is something to be said for getting out of town, or just out of your routine. Try and go away for an afternoon, a night, a weekend. Sometimes even a walk in the park or around a different neighborhood can feel like a vacation!

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