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Weekend in the Desert Part Two - A Love Letter to Whole Foods

Weekend in the Desert Part Two - A Love Letter to Whole Foods


Ever heard someone mention their "secret single behavior?" The things they do when no one is watching? Like Britney karaoke with a hairbrush? Or eating peanut butter from the jar with a spoon?

Well, Doug and I have "secret couples behavior." We watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette (current and old seasons). We talk to our dog as if she were a person. We seek out and explore the local Whole Foods wherever we travel.

Yup, we love the giant Whole Foods you find as soon as you leave NYC. You thought the TriBeCa Whole Foods was good? You should see Scottsdale, AZ!

Seriously, this place was awesome, huge and well laid out.

I found fresh chunks of coconut pre-scraped and ready for snacking!

My favorite discovery was the juice and smoothie bar. Usually, at a smoothie bar I have to ask them to make me a special concoction involving greens. Not here. They had a whole "Green Smoothie" section of the menu. I tried both the Dark Star and the Scottsdale Green. Yum!

Notice anything about the names of the smoothies? Most of them come from Grateful Dead song titles. When Doug realized this he was so happy! "Fire on the Mountain" is one of his favorite Dead songs and now one of his favorite smoothies.

The morning after my dad's birthday party we were both feeling a little sluggish (hungover). We headed back to Whole Foods to try one of their green juices. 

We both got the "Jellyfish" which was a perfect combo of kale, spinach, parsley, celery and cucumber. 

My juice was so large is lasted me the entire  20 minute drive home! On Monday we left AZ at 11 am and did not arrive home in NYC until 9pm that evening ( traveling West-East is rough!) Thanks to Whole Foods I was able to stock us up with healthy snacks for the flight. When we pulled everything out of my cooler the man next to us looked over and said, "that's some picnic." Hey, I'm nothing if not prepared!

Does the Whole Foods near you have a juice and smoothie bar? I wish the TriBeCa one did!

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