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Spheres of Stress Relief

I spent the majority of my freshman year of college rolling around on the floor in my sweats and trying to release the tension in my jaw. Allow me to explain. I went to theater school and this type of activity was the basis for first year Voice and Speech. All kidding aside, that class was probably one of the most eye opening for me as an artist and really truly helped me get in touch with myself and my voice.

Back to my tense jaw. I have always been a rather tightly wound, Type A person. I am constantly looking for new way to relax, unwind and loosen up. Since my schedule and my wallet do not allow me to always run out and get massages, I love when I find ways to chill out and loosen up at home.

When I came upon t spheres I was thrilled. These aromatherapy infused massage balls are the perfect cure for tight, stressed out muscles. I have the Peace and Quiet variety, which are infused with lavender. Lavender is the most versatile essential oil and is great for calming nerves, reducing headaches and easing anxiety and stress.

I keep my t spheres in my bedside table and break them out to help me relax before bedtime. To help release the tension in my jaw I roll them in my palm along my jaw line while breathing deeply and inhaling the lavender. It really helps.

These little spheres of relaxation are also great for tired feet. When I spend a particularly long night in high heels, the next day I roll them under the balls of my feet while at my desk. Feels so amazing!

I am heading to Mexico for a friends bachelorette on Thursday morning and plan on slipping these in my carry on to help make the flight more "spa like." They may also come in handy if anyone on the trip encounters a tequila induced headache!

Me and My Deodorant

Me and My Deodorant

Basketball, Sushi and Kale Salad

Basketball, Sushi and Kale Salad