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I Love a Good Bar

I Love a Good Bar


It is no secret that I am a fan of easy, healthy snacks. At any given time you can find me with a large assortment of goodies in my purse, from crudite to dark chocolate. I never like to be caught without something to keep me from getting hangry (hungry and angry).

For me and Doug this past weekend was the kick-off to what will be a marathon of mini-road trips from now until September. Like our parents before us, every Friday we rush to pack up the car, the dog, a cooler of snacks ( green juice and veggies in our case) and battle the traffic for the privilege of spending the weekend somewhere, ANYWHERE but NYC. It is totally fun and exciting in May and June, but come late August we begin to long for a lazy Saturday at home free of traffic, luggage and shlepping. What makes this ritual the hardest is being sure we have enough healthy food to snack on should two hours in the car turn into five (our personal weekend record). Most of the items in our cooler and not really driving and car friendly. If you have ever tried to open and drink a green juice while driving you (and your dry cleaner) know what I mean. Also, as much as I love guac and veggies they are not exactly easy to eat on the go.

With this dilemma in mind I was so happy when the lovely folks over at BluePrintCleanse sent me some of their new BluePrintBars to try. These 100% raw bars made from the simplest ingredient perfectly fit my criteria for an easy on-the-go option.

BluePrintBars are made with fruit and nuts. JUST fruit and nuts. Nothing else. Love that! The ingredient list on the back of each adorably packaged bar reads just like the name at the front. The Cashew Date bar contains only cashews and dates. The Cranberry Lemon Cashew Date bar is packed with cranberries, cashews, dates and lemon zest. Nothing else.

Each of the four bars has it's own special "super power" if you will. According to BluePrint:

Cranberries eaten whole contain a wide variety of phytonutrients, which aid in protecting the cardiovascular system and the liver.

Cashews contain Zinc, which rebuilds the body’s collagen supply and helps prevent wrinkling and stretch marks.

Cherries contain melatonin, which helps regulate sleep patterns, prevents memory loss and delays the aging process.

Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C, an important antioxidant and immunity builder.

The Lemon Almond Cashew Date bar was my most favorite. In fact, it didn't make it into the photo above because I couldn't' what to tear in. Seriously yum. It tasted like the best, healthiest, cleanest lemon square ever.

This coming weekend when Doug and I pack up the car again I know I will be stashing a few BluePrintBars in my purse in case we hit some nasty summer traffic. Much better than dealing with hangry road rage!

Nut Milk Enthusiast

Nut Milk Enthusiast

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