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Wedding Wednesday- Top Tips For Brides to Be

Wedding Wednesday- Top Tips For Brides to Be


With the beginning of summer comes the beginning of wedding season. Recently my mailbox had been full of invitations to friend’s weddings, showers and bachelorette parties. I have my lineup of attire ready to go from black tie to beach club chic. I have bought more lingerie and mixing bowls than I care to share. All of this nuptial activity started me thinking about my own wedding and the tips and tricks I learned during the planning process that kept me healthy and sane. Having already walked down the aisle I know how stressful a wedding can be, and how much there is to think about. Over the next few “Wedding Wednesdays” I will share tips for brides that will help keep your special day as clean, pure and simple as possible.

To kick things off I wanted to share my all-time top tips for brides to be. These are all things that helped me immensely in the months before my wedding and I hope they do they same for you!

My Top Clean, Pure and Simple Tips for Brides to Be

It's a Marathon, Start Now

Even if your wedding is months or even a year away start cleaning up your act in the eating department now! Instead of crash dieting in the weeks before your wedding start implementing long-term changes to your diet today. By cutting back (or better yet CUTTING OUT) on processed food, dairy, refined grains, sugar and meat and adding in lots greens and veggies you can do your body a whole lot of good. Add a green juice a day to that mix and you will be the most glowing bride!

Most bad habits can be changed in about three weeks, so stick it out and you will feel much better in the long run. You will not only look good on the outside at your wedding but your insides will be happy as well. Implementing long-term dietary changes will make it easier to keep looking your bridal best long after your wedding. Nobody wants to look at their wedding photos and see a stranger, or worse get depressed that they will never look that good again!

Get the Green Juice Glow

Every bride wants that glowy, luminous look on her wedding day. There is no better way to get the glow than to incorporate a green juice or two into your daily routine. Green juice is extremely hydrating, cleansing, and an all in all a miracle worker for your skin (and the rest of you). Make sure yours is mostly greens with not too much added fruit. Drinking too much fruit juice can leave you feeling a bit bloated... And no one wants a bloated bride!

Mini Cleanse

Speaking of green juice why not try a mini cleanse? There is no need to do a super long all juice cleanse (although if done properly those can have amazing benefits), but why not try a mini cleanse? When you are feeling a little sluggish (hello over indulging at that cake tasting)  "reset" by juicing until dinner for a few days. By consuming 3-4 green juices during the day followed by a light, healthy dinner (think big salads and some starchy veggies) you will give your body extra time to recharge, reset and rejuvenate. The break from digestion while you are drinking just juice gives your body time to do some "internal housekeeping"  to help you be the glowing bride you are!

Move It

Wedding planning can be stressful. From picking a dress that will make all of your bridesmaids happy, to figuring out where your second cousin you have never met will sit (and if she can bring her new boyfriend) there are many tasks that can try a bride’s patience. There is no better stress reliever than exercise. Find a workout you love and do it consistently. Not only will it help you look even more amazing in your dress but it will keep you from biting your fiancés head off when he asks if his mother can wear ivory (she swears it is not white!)

Take a Time Out with Your Hubby To Be

Wedding planning can become all consuming and can really test a relationship. While those flowers and the search for the perfect wedding shoes ARE important so is your future husband. Make sure that during the wedding planning process you plan quality time together that doesn't include wedding planning. And no, registering for your new china does not count as quality time! However, taking a healthy cooking class together for all those dinner parties you will host with your new china does.

Get Thee To a Spa

I cannot stress (pun intended) enough how important a good deep tissue massage can be for a bride to be. Not only are massages amazing stress relievers but they also improve circulation, break up lactic acid build up, aid in detoxification and improve skin tone. With all of that exercising and mini cleansing you will be doing (right?) deep tissue massage is the perfect compliment. Even better, book a couple’s treatment! That way you can get some QT with your honey while you both reap the benefits of massage.

I hope these tips were helpful! If you are a bride to be (or a former bride) I would love to hear what you are doing/did to keep your big day (and the time leading up to it) clean, pure and simple!

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