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Wedding Wednesday- Healthy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Wedding Wednesday- Healthy Bachelorette Party Ideas


It's Wedding Wednesday again! Today I wanted to give some of my personal favorite alternatives to the traditional booze and embarrassment filled bachelorette party.

I don't know about you, but I did enough late night partying in college and the few years proceeding it to last me a lifetime. By the time I got engaged and started planning my wedding I had very little desire to have "one last crazy night as a single gal." Been there. Done that. Let's be honest, I hadn't been a single gal in years. In thinking about my own bachelorette I was more looking forward to some QT with my girlfriends than a crazy night on the town that would leave me feeling gross and hungover for days!

Instead of ruining all of the good work you have been doing to get healthy (mentally and physically)  for your wedding, why not tell your MOH (or whoever is organizing) that you would rather keep it healthy! I promise you will still have a good time- just minus the sweating alcohol and feeling bloated for days part!

Say OM

Start your bachelorette with a private yoga class just for your group. Call up your favorite yoga studio ahead of time and they will mostly likely be able to arrange a private class for you and your gals in between their normal schedule. The benefits of yoga are numerous and nothing will do a better job getting you calm and clear for the final stretch until your wedding. No problem if your group is at different levels of ability. This class is not about getting a crazy workout, it's about getting zen together.


Yoga a little too zen for you? How about a group pole dancing class? This one is straight from my own bachelorette. Instead of watching greased up men do a striptease you can learn the sexy moves yourself ( and practice at home later ...wink wink). Studio's such as Sheila Kelly's SFactor exist all around the country. Most even have special bachelorette packages already designed. Not only is a striptease class a fun way to have some laughs at your less than coordinated friends, it is also an awesome workout. Striptease workouts target your core and help improve your balance and agility. For a fun add on you could supply matching boy shorts and tanks for all your gals to get groovy in!

Have Soul

If you live in LA or NYC another great group workout option is a Soul-Cycle class. My personal workout/obsession of choice, Soul-Cycle is so much more than just spinning. In 45 minutes you will sweat, rock out, work harder and have more fun than you could ever imagine. The dark moody atmosphere, loud rocking music, and sweaty bodies will satisfy anyone in your group who's only idea of a bachelorette is a night out dancing. Soul-Cycle is known for their theme and costume rides, so feel free to have the bride dress in all white! Make sure the bride gets introduced to the teacher before class... you never know.. she just might end up on the teacher's bike! Don't worry if there are gals in your group who have never been to Soul-Cycle or any indoor cycling class before. Just show up a few minutes early and the incredibly helpful and sweet staff will set you up with shoes and water and help you get comfortable on the bike.

Everyone Loves a Mani Pedi

After your group workout of choice why not have a mani pedi party? I have yet to come across a girl (and a few guys) who doesn't love getting her nails done. Call your favorite nail salon and book as many chairs as you need. Put one friend in charge of supplying the magazines for flipping (sometimes the ones at the salon are waaay outdated) and have another bring a bottle of champagne for a little toast while your toes are getting pretty. In case there are any non-drinkers or pregnant women amongst you be sure to have a fun non-alcoholic option as well.

Get in The Kitchen

You've worked out, gotten glam.. now what? Instead of going out for an over priced pre-fixe dinner how about an in home cooking party? Depending on how many gals you have there are a few ways to go about this. You could divide the group into pairs with each pair being responsible for one course ( hors d'oeuvres, appetizer/salad, main, dessert). Then have everyone bring their ingredients and recipe to the kitchen of choice (hopefully someone in the group will volunteer theirs). Everyone cooks together, enjoys each other's courses and at the end shares their recipes. Not only do you get a delicious meal and quality time with your friends but everyone walks away with a few new recipes! If you have a slightly larger group you could also go Top Chef style and pit the teams against each other. Two different teams prepare each course and in the end the bride gets to decide who wins! Is your group less than culinarily inclined? No problem! If you are in NYC you can have me come over for a Clean, Pure and Simple Party. You will still get to do some cooking but I can help with the tough parts!

Slumber Party

When was the last time you had a slumber party? After your evening of cooking and eating have everyone bring their pj's for a good old fashion middle school sleepover. Pick a friends house (ideally where the cooking party is) and settle in for the night. Have everyone chip in for the cost of the brides favorite natural skincare products (my pick would be the divine Tata Harper) and do mini facials on each other! The next morning set up a make-your-own-green smoothie bar for breakfast. Set out almond milk, coconut water, avocado, various greens, frozen fruit, and different extracts and spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. Everyone can either make their own or if there is a Green Smoothie Mixologist (like me!) amongst you she can take over.

Any combination of these ideas will help keep your bachelorette party clean, pure and simple and you feeling your best! I would love to know how you celebrated your bachelortte (healthy or not), so please share!

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