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Tata Harper Spa Party

Tata Harper Spa Party


My name is Sara and I am a product junkie. I started getting facials right before my 13th birthday and have never looked back. Healthy, glowing skin is a huge priority for me.

Sadly, a lot of the products out there are filled with synthetics that are pretty terrible for us. Our skin is our largest organ-whatever we put on it gets directly absorbed into our body. Remember the birth control patch? That wasn’t magic. Personally, I like my products clean and natural. After all it’s called skincare not skinharm.

When I first discovered Tata Harper Skincare, I knew it was love.

Tata Harper is committed to creating all natural products that make your skin look amazing. Not only are her products effective, the eco-friendly packaging is also beautiful. All of the gorgeous bottles are made of glass. Effective, clean, green AND chic? Yes please!

Tata says:

I started Tata Harper because I felt women deserved to have non-toxic products that really work, products that offer dramatic effective results driven by science. Generations of women have been putting toxic chemicals into their bodies for far too long - it was time to stop the madness. My mission was to find the best flowers; extracts, essential oils, hydrosols, infusions, macerations and plants that provide skin rejuvenation, hydration, anti-wrinkle properties, radiance, vitality, elasticity and more. After five years of non-stop work with a team of 8 chemists, the results are a development of a unique skincare line that is 100% natural and 100% effective.

As soon as I started using Tata Harper Skincare my skin began to glow. The line is all about helping your skin stay moisturized, so now that it is dry and freezing outside I am even more grateful for my Rejuvenating Serum and Rebuilding Moisturizer.

When I find something I love I want to share it with my friends. So, a few weeks ago I hosted a Tata Harper Spa Party! Fifteen of my favorite gals came to my apartment where they were treated to mini facials, and healthy treats.

The evening started with my friend Stephanie, who works with Tata, talking about the line and it’s origins. The idea for the line came when Tata was helping her stepfather through cancer treatment. His doctors asked that she bring in all of his personal-care products. What she learned was shocking: almost all of his high-end shampoo, lotion, and facial products were too toxic for him to continue using. As she searched for alternative products that were just as high quality but without the toxins, she was amazed to find they did not exist.

Each gal received a mini facial with all of the awesome Tata Harper products including the Resurfacing Mask. The mask goes on clear so my friends were able to have some cocktails and snacks while their masks dried. No one was walking around with goopy green faces!

The facials ended with a heavenly arm and hand massage with one of Tata’s Aromatherapy Treatments.

The evening was a huge success. Most of my friends ordered products for themselves. Everyone went home glowing and relaxed. My sister, who was nine months pregnant with Benjamin and Grace ordered a Starter Beauty Kit to bring with her to the hospital. Talk about a post baby glow!

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