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Wedding Wednesday- Honeymooning

Wedding Wednesday- Honeymooning


Next weekend I am attending the first in a string of summer weddings. For this particular wedding we are headed to LA for the week, and I am very exited. Any trip to California instantly reminds me of my own "mini moon." Since our wedding was in a tropical location, Doug and I did not feel the urge to take a long honeymoon right away. Instead, we delayed our honeymoon for several months and took a California road trip "mini moon." We started in LA where I had a few work obligations, and then headed north to Big Sur, Carmel and San Francisco. By the time we took our real honeymoon to the Maldives six months later we were both really ready for a long vacation, one that we may not have appreciated immediately after our wedding.

This Wedding Wednesday I wanted to share my five top tips for a healthful honeymoon, wherever and whenever you take yours!

Cross One Off Your Leap List

A honeymoon should be special and unique. This does not mean you have to spend a small fortune or travel halfway across the world. However, make sure your honeymoon destination is somewhere you truly want to go. If you are having trouble deciding on a location that is exciting and enticing to both of you try making a "Leap List" together of places you want to visit. A Leap List is a list of things you want to do in life before you make a big leap. Yes, I realize getting married is a huge leap, but so is buying a home, starting a family etc. etc. Pass your list back and forth with each of you crossing out one destination at a time, the one remaining at the end is most likely they place that excites you the most. Go there if you can!

Don't Rush It 

The day after your wedding may not be the ideal time to depart for your honeymoon. You will be coming down from months of planning and chances are you will be completely exhausted. More exhausted than you can imagine. It would be a shame to arrive at your destination and spend the first few days sleeping and worn out. Also, there are often many loose ends to tie up in the days right after your wedding such as dropping off your gown to get cleaned and preserved ( spend the money on this- it is worth it), saying goodbye to friends and family that came in from out of town, bringing any gifts you received home etc. If you rush out of town after your wedding you may carry the stress of undone tasks with you which may keep you from fully enjoying yourself. By waiting an extra day or two to depart you can leave refreshed, and with a clear mind. That way you can spend your honeymoon truly enjoying your new martial status instead of sleeping and stressing.

What's In a Name

Changing your last name can be a lengthy process. Unless you are taking your honeymoon several months after your wedding (like I did) do not book your airline tickets in your new name. As exciting as it can be to finally go through immigration and share  a customs form with your honey, chances are all of your identification will still have your maiden name on it at the time of your honeymoon. If you really are anxious to have people call you Mrs. X, you can make all of your hotel and dinner reservations in your new name!

Save Your Thank You's

Thank you notes are extremely important. They should not be emailed, nor should someone else write them for you. Your friends and family took the time and money to attend your wedding and send you a gift and they deserve to be thanked from the heart. However, your honeymoon is not the time to start writing your thank you notes. No matter how pretty your new stationary is ( I do suggest getting nice personalized note cards- it will make writing 100's of notes more fun!), it can wait until you return home from your honeymoon. Your honeymoon should be about relaxing, rejuvenating and reflecting on the huge life change you have just made. This should be a time where there is no to do list, no agenda, no email, no Facebook. Just you and your new spouse spending some real quality time together.


Indulge a Little

Most people feel their healthiest, thinnest, most in shape and most radiant on their wedding day. Months of exercising and eating right in order to get ready for the big day can really pay off. Just as you do not want to overdo it with too much exercise and weight loss before your wedding ( you want to look like yourself in your photos), your honeymoon is not the time to let the pendulum swing too far in the other direction. By all means let yourself indulge a little. Going to Italy? It would be a shame not to have some gelato and pasta ( if that is your thing.) Mexico just wouldn't be the same with margaritas. However do not treat your honeymoon as an excuse to go all out now that your don't have to fit into a wedding dress anymore! Over indulging will make you feel bloated and unsexy, and that is no way to be on your honeymoon!




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