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Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer and Glow Time BB Cream


Unless you live under a rock, (or are just not a product junkie like me) chances are you have heard something about BB Creams recently. BB Creams are all over the pages of every beauty magazine. Every Sephora has a section dedicated to them. BB mania came to the US via Korea and Japan where Asian women covet these multitasking products.

What exactly is a BB Cream? BB stands for Blemish or Beauty Balm. A German dermatologist originally created these creams as a post-laser treatment makeup up for patients. BB Creams are designed to be a multitasking makeup and skincare product serving as foundation, concealer, sunscreen and moisturizer all in one. Some BB Creams even have skin brightening and anti-aging properties in them.

Like all makeup there are brands that are better for you and your skin than others. Most BB Creams out there are filled with artificial nasties and irritants, and are best left alone. Remember, everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body!

Curious to try out a BB Cream for myself, but unwilling to use conventional makeup I was thrilled when the lovely folks at Jane Iredale sent me some of their brand new Glow Time Mineral BB Cream to try! They also sent along some Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener-a great complement to the BB Cream.

Smooth Affair is “packed with delicious fragrant botanicals that have anti-aging properties, and brighten and even skin tone, minimizing the appearance of pores and controlling oil.”

The scent of Smooth Affair really is delicious-an incredible mix of grapefruit and honeysuckle. This primer can be used on it’s own or underneath a foundation such as the Glow Time BB Cream.

During the day when I am running around and don’t feel like having a fully made up face I have been wearing the Smooth Affair alone. I love how it brightens my skin, and completely evens out my complexion with no coverage. This product is definitely going into heavy rotation in my makeup drawer!

At night, when I am going out and feel like wearing more makeup I have been using the Glow Time BB Cream. This concealer, foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer in one is quite the multitasking power house! While I do need to wear a separate moisturizer underneath it (I have dry-ish skin), my skin certainly feels more moisturized after I have applied my BB Cream.

Glow Time is a full coverage foundation that still looks natural. No “makeup mask” here. I also love that it contains a mineral (titanium dioxide is the active ingredient) sunscreen with an SPF of 25. I never leave the house without sunscreen on!

Not just providing luminous, velvety coverage the formula’s natural minerals adjust to your skin tone to cover blemishes, minimize pores, disguise wrinkles and smooth and brighten skin. True to Jane Iredale’s promise of being “The Skin Care Makeup”, Glow Time also physically improves your skin! Using natural ingredients like grapefruit, honeysuckle and green apple Glow Times works to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation while exfoliating and rejuvenating skin. So, while your BB Cream is making you look good on the outside, it is also working more longtime magic on your skin. Truly makeup and skincare in one!

One note about Glow Time BB Cream, it provides VERY full coverage. A little goes a long, long way! The best way to apply it is to put an amount smaller than a pea on your index finger and then use the index, middle and ring fingers on both hands to gently pat it all over until it is blended into your skin. Glow Time will melt into your skin to create just the right amount of glow and adapt to your skin tone.

I am thoroughly pleased with my adventure into the world of BB creams thanks to Glow Time! While it may be a little too much coverage for me every day, I will certainly use it at night or whenever I want to look a bit more “done.” Thank you Jane Iredale for makeup that not only makes you look good but is truly good for you!

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