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Banana Sushi

Banana Sushi


I get asked a lot about breakfast. What do I eat for breakfast? What do I recommend eating for breakfast? Personally my morning goes something like this: wake up, drink warm water with lemon juice, work out, drink 32 oz of green juice. I don't really start eating until about noon when I have some fruit. After years of experimenting I have discovered this is what works best for me and my system in the morning. My body just isn't ready to start digesting food until the afternoon.

I realize not everyone is a green juice for breakfast type (although I would urge them to try!). Some people need a little more bulk in the morning and I totally respect that. While there is no better way to start your day than green juice, sometimes it is not enough.

Last week at a party a friend asked me for some vegan breakfast ideas. She was trying to make the transition to a more plant based lifestyle but was getting stuck at breakfast. I suggested a nutrient dense green smoothie, but she did not seem quite ready for that. She wanted a breakfast she could chew.

This banana sushi is a quick, easy and filling breakfast. You could easily make it at home and take it to work with you. The healthy fat and protein from the almond butter will satiate you without bloating, and the collard leaf will give you body a little boost of green goodness!


Banana Sushi

  • 2 medium banannas
  • 1 collard leaf
  • 2 T creamy almond butter
  1. Cut collard leaf along rib so you are left with two halves.
  2. Spread each half with 1 T almond butter.
  3. Place a banana at one end of leaf and roll away from you.
  4. Repeat with other banana and collard leaf.
  5. Cut each roll into six pieces.
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