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Get The Look- Skin Prep

Skin Prep 

Key points: hydrate, moisturize, polish/perfect. Ensure smoother foundation application, create canvas for any look from simple to dramatic.

1) Spritz clean face with a hydrosol like Jane Iredale's Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray. A hydrosol is a flower water with moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits!
2) Apply a moisturizer and/or primer to hydrate skin and create a smooth canvas for makeup. This is Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener by Jane Iredale.
3) Using your ringer finger, lightly tap an eye cream or serum onto delicate under eyes. We love Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum!
4) Apply lip balm liberally! We used CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm, which doubles as a cuticle treatment. 
(Allow products to absorb for about 10 minutes before next step)
5) Apply foundation with a brush, or fingers, to even out skin tone. We used Jane Iredale "Glow Time" BBCream, a little goes a long way!
6) Add a concealer on lids as a base for eyeshadow and under eyes to neutralize darkness and brighten. Youngblood Ultimate Concealer does the trick...
7) Set everything with a pressed or loose powder like Smooth Operator by Tarte. This helps minimize creasing and extends the wear of your makeup!
Spiced Chocolate Pudding

Spiced Chocolate Pudding

Getting Back to Green

Getting Back to Green