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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Happy 2013! I hope you had a nice holiday break whether you stayed at home or traveled somewhere exciting. After taking two weeks off I feel fully refreshed and ready to meet 2013 headfirst!  

This year promises to be a very full and exciting one for me as I am expecting a baby girl in May! That's right! I am currently 22 weeks pregnant! I have felt great for the past five months and hope to continue to feel so. I am excited to share my tips and findings on a happy, healthy pregnancy with you in the weeks ahead as I have learned so much so far about how to best care for my changing body.

As I look forward to 2013 and all the changes it will bring I wanted to set some intentions and goals for the coming year. I chose intentions over resolutions because resolutions feel too constricting and negative. Instead of picking out negative qualities in myself that I want to change I am focusing on incorporating new, positive behaviors in 2013! However, before I share my intentions for 2013 I wanted to reflect a little on the year that just past and a few of my most favorite moments.


Discovering the best Kale Salad ever at Cafe Gratitude. Yes, kale is a highlight of any year!Sunset Fridays at Wolffer Estate Vinyard with good friends (and good wine!)

Spending all of August in The Hamptons with my two favorites. Eating my weight in fresh, local heirloom tomatoes.

Last but not least the biggest highlight of 2012 was finding out that I was pregnant and later learning it was a girl! Doug and I are both over the moon excited and cannot wait to meet her in May!

My Intentions for 2013

Wake Up Neo! The Matrix Has You!

I spend way too much time in front of my computer, on my iPad and on my phone. While a great deal of this is necessary for the work I do (maintaining my blog, staying up with social media etc.) there is no need for me to spend my evening hours searching for the pot of gold at the end of the Internet!

In 2013 I am I am going to take time each day to unplug completely. Whether that means reading a real book with paper pages, enjoying a meal with my husband, or simply sitting still and breathing I am going to give my mind (and my eyes) a break each day

I'm Not Fat I'm Pregnant!

So far my pregnancy has been very easy on me. I did not suffer from morning sickness. I have no cravings or aversions. I have been able to spin and do yoga as usual (with a  few belly friendly modifications). Besides a few days early on my energy level has been pretty high. The harder part for me has been watching my body get bigger each day. As someone who devotes most of her time to staying healthy and fit it has been hard for me to embrace a growing body. This is not a topic that I find discussed a lot. I have spent the majority of my teenage and adult life trying to look a certain way and now I am having a difficult time letting go of that. Don't get me wrong. I love that my body is capable of growing a person. It's amazing! But the day when your jeans stop fitting, or the day when you need new bras for the second time in five months can be a little tough on a woman concerned with how she looks.

In 2013 I am going to love and embrace my growing body because it means that my baby is growing. My doula suggested that I give myself the mantra "my baby is growing" instead of " I am getting bigger." Looking at my growing body this way has helped so far and will continue to help as my baby grows bigger and bigger inside of me.

Sleep on It

I move at a very fast pace and often jump to decisions too quickly. Over my holiday break one of my yoga teachers said that yoga has given her the ability to breathe and pause before making decisions. This idea has really stuck with me. Very few things need to be decided immediately.

In 2013 I am going to "sleep on" decisions more and not jump and react to everything so quickly.

Brain Dump

My mind moves a million miles an hour. At the end of a busy day I sometimes (always) have trouble unwinding and calming my mind before sleep. A lot of nights I unload all of my thoughts, worries, to do lists etc. onto Doug. While he is very patient with me he also needs his own time at the end of the night to relax and unwind and often my busy mind and anxieties can cause him anxiety and stress. Recently I have taken up journaling again, a practice I had let slip. Journaling was a huge part of my life all through college but somehow fell by the wayside.

In 2013 I am I am going to journal every night, even if just a few sentences. Not only will it help me unload my brain, but also it will be wonderful to have a record of my pregnancy and experience with motherhood to look back on in future years.

The Guilt Trip

I hate saying no to my family and friends and feeling like I am disappointing them. It is very difficult for me to turn down any sort of invitation unless I have a major reason as to why I cannot make it. When I do turn down an invitation whether it is for coffee, lunch, or a party I feel incredibly guilty. So often this leads to me feeling over scheduled, over stressed, and worn out. While I love my family and friends dearly I realize that I cannot be at every single event or meal I am invited to without it taking a major toll on my own health and well-being.

In 2013 I am going to allow myself to say "no" sometimes without making excuses. Sometimes it is just not a good night for me to go out, and that has to be ok. Especially now that I am five plus months pregnant!

In The Spotlight- Eco Chick Starre Vartan

In The Spotlight- Eco Chick Starre Vartan

A Little Holiday Downtime