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Pranamat Induced Bliss

Pranamat Induced Bliss


The other night I had the singular and rare pleasure of having our apartment to myself for the evening. I adore my husband, but sometimes a girl needs a night to herself to take a bath, watch trashy TV (Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries) and lay on her Pranamat.

What’s a Pranamat? So glad you asked! My Pranamat is my new bliss out discovery. It would be an understatement to say I am obsessed.

The Pranamat was designed in the tradition of ancient Indian Yogis who would use a “bed of nails” for meditation and self-healing. I promise, this is much better than lying on nails!

I exercise a lot. A lot. Exercise makes me feel great, creates natural endorphins and gives me energy. However, if I am not careful my muscles can get tight and tense and my body can feel “locked up.” I am always looking for news ways to relax and keep things flowing.

As you lie on the Pranamat, the tiny spikes of the lotuses press your skin, massage your body and intensify the local blood flow and lymph circulation. The natural endorphins your body releases block pain and create a feeling of well-being. Along with all those great endorphins, your body also releases Oxytocin- it's own natural happy pill. When Oxytocin levels rise, stress hormones decrease. Our bodies are pretty amazing huh?

All you have to do is lie still and in about 30 minutes you will experience total bliss. I liken it to the "massage coma" feeling I get during an amazing deep tissue massage. You are not asleep, but not awake either. Just totally 100% blissed out.

I lie on my Pranamat a few times a week, usually before bed. It truly helps relieve my muscle tension, stress and pain.

Amazingly, the Pranamat can also be used as an energizer. Just lie on it for 5-20 minutes. It is not until after 20 minutes that it becomes a relaxant. On Saturday night I was feeling tired and lazy but I knew I had to motivate and rally for my dinner and drinks plans. I lay on my Pranamat for 15 minutes before getting dressed and I was good to go!

I like my wellness with a bit of style. Lucky for me the Pranamat is good looking too. Mine is orange with purple lotus spikes-it fits right in with the décor of my office! No need to shove it in a closet-just careful it is not somewhere you will accidentally step on it! I also love that it is made from 100% natural materials including linen and coconut fibre.

The Pranamat is truly 100 % natural bliss. I think I am in love.

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