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Soapwalla and the Hunt for The Perfect Belly Oil

Soapwalla and the Hunt for The Perfect Belly Oil


Stretch marks. It is my personal mission to avoid getting them. Since the very beginning of this pregnancy, long before I had a belly, I have been taking aggressive preventative measures against stretch marks. I have been eating a diet high in skin loving healthy fats such as nuts, coconut and avocado to try and work some magic from the inside out. I have also been lubing up my boobs, belly, and back twice a day with various creams and oils. Always one to love a good experiment I have played around with many different belly oils and creams the past few months. For me the perfect belly oil has to meet a few criteria: 1. It has to be natural and free of any chemical nasties or questionable additives such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens or harsh and synthetic ingredients.

2. It has to smell good! If I am going to rub something all over my body twice a day I expect it to smell divine!

3. It has to absorb into my skin quickly. I want my skin to feel soft, not greasy!

4. It has to be easily dispensed and not messy to use. Nothing is worse than spraying half the bottle of your new belly oil across the bathroom when trying to apply it!

While I have come across a few belly oils that I "like like" I had yet to fall in love with one.

That all changed when the incredible Rachel from Soapwalla sent me a bottle of her Resilience Pregnant Belly Oil to try.  I should have know that the maker of the best deodorant ever would also make the most wonderful belly oil! This incredibly pure oil meets all of my criteria with high marks leaving my skin feeling soft, hydrated, and delicious smelling! I am also happy to report that all of the oil makes it way onto my belly- no spillage or rogue pumps here!

This belly oil is about as clean as it gets- completely free of  nasty and questionable ingredients. Made from meadowfoam, jojoba, apricot kernel, sweet almond, wheat germ and black currant seed oils it hydrates, heals damaged skin, and provides a boost of anti-oxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It also contains rosehip seed oil which is packed with trans-retinoic acid, and is believed powerful for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

I am a tough customer when is comes to scents and Soapwalla's Belly Oil smells lovely enough to please even me! Lightly scented with a pregnancy-safe blend of essential oils including Roman chamomile, calendula, arnica and lavender I am more than happy to lather myself up twice a day! As an added bonus these oils also help reduce inflamation and calm the nerves. Any amount of nerve calming I can get these days is quite welcome!

I should mention that some essential oils such as chamomile and lavender are often contraindicated during pregnancy. However, most people consider these safe to use once you are past your first trimester. For a great list of which essential oils are safe in the second and third trimester and which to avoid all together I have been using this one from Fit Pregnancy.

I think it is safe to say my hunt for the perfect belly oil is over. I will be going through quite a bit of this wonderful oil in the next few months. I may even keep it around once the baby arrives, it’s so pure it can even be used on little ones!

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