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Valentine's Day Look- Rich Lips And Wingtips

Valentine's Day Look- Rich Lips And Wingtips


I am a sucker for Valentine's Day. My rational brain knows that February 14th has become a day for florists, chocolatiers and lingerie makers to earn their yearly nut and restaurants to charge way to much for fancy prix-fixe menus but I still love it! I think it is nice to have a day devoted to love and all things sweet! In fact, somebody gave me a homemade Valentine today and I am still smiling!

In the past Doug and I have made big Valentine's Day plans involving fancy dinners, theater tickets etc. While this is always fun, the more pregnant I get the harder it is for me to stay out late on a "school night." So, this year we have decided to spend the night of the 14th at home together and go on a special delayed date Saturday night to a cheesy romantic movie and dinner at Pure Food and Wine. I am very excited!

In the true spirit of the holiday I almost always wear red or pink when going out for Valentine's Day. I even have a special Valentine's purse with hearts on it that gets broken out once a year! This winged eyeliner and deep lip look that Rebecca Casciano created for our latest video would be the perfect compliment to any Valentine's ensemble. It is both sexy and playful, and quite easy to accomplish!

[youtube id='OrYe-WEPWmo' width='480' height='360']

Get The Look: Rich Lips and Wingtips

Fill in eyebrows by applying a Tarte powder eye shadow with angled brush.

Add a highlight to your browbone and inner corner of the eye using a matte or shimmer eye shadow 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. We used Nvey Eco #162 in the Eye Color System #5.

Choose a neutral eye shadow a couple shades darker than your skin tone to your lid and blend up into the crease. This is Nvey Eco #168.

With a a dark liquid or cake liner, use an angled brush to make short stokes, as close as possible to the lash line. When you reach the outer corner of the eye, drag the brush up and out to a tapered point. Be sure to fill in any gaps between your strokes. We used Nvey Eco Organic Cake Liner in Brown.

Curl your lashes and add a few coats of black mascara like Nvey Eco's Volumising Mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Apply a warm, rosy blush to cheekbones and blend well. We used Alima Pure Matte Blush in Pink.

Finish the look with a deep red lipstick in a matte or cream texture. We applied Kranberry Lipstick by Youngblood with small a lip brush. This helps to create a more precise application.

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