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Dear Portia, A Letter on your 3rd Birthday

Dear Portia, A Letter on your 3rd Birthday


Dear Porchie,

I love you. I love you. I love you. I repeat those words because tonight you really tried my patience. You took a black pen to our white chair and ruined it. I need you to always know that even when you push me, even when you make me furious, even when you wake me up at all hours of the night I still love you. With every ounce of my being. I always will.

You have been a rule breaker from day one. Before day one. As a second child to a sister born early we expected you much sooner than you arrived. You kept us all waiting. Right up until hours before a scheduled induction because I was almost 42 weeks pregnant. But like everything else you were born on your terms. Your way. And you haven't stopped since.

I love your bold, nutty, intrepid spirit. You love playing with the big girls. You love doing things on your own. Your independence amazes me. You are incredibly social, always asking who you are having a playdate with or who can come over for lunch?

For all your independence you still crave and need your mommy. In the middle of the night I will sense your presence and wake to find you silently standing by the side of my bed. “Mommy snuggle me” you say. And so I walk you back to your room, crawl into your tiny toddler bed and snuggle you back to sleep. As I kiss your sleeping cheek and try and leave you throw your arms around me and say “ just a little bip more?” My heart melts because in that moment all of your wildness and limit testing is gone. You are my sweet little girl who needs her mommy. So I stay. I inhale your sweet smell, kiss the soft spot between your neck and shoulder and stay until you are fast asleep again.

Watching you start preschool this year was amazing. A little hesitant at first you have grown to be a core member of your classroom. You have made so many special friends. Friends that have nothing to do with your older sister. Your teachers are always telling us how goofy you are. We were even made aware of a “mooning problem” you had earlier this year!

My sweet, soup loving, gymnastics obsessed ( I promise you I will get you back in class next year), early rising, crazy monkey I love you so very much. You are the one who made our family whole. You are the one who challenges me every day and then rewards me with the sweetest kisses and snuggles. Please never stop asking “mommy sit on my lap?” Please never change your “bip” to “bit.” Please never stop doing your booty dance. Please never stop being my baby girl.

Here’s to 3! I know it will be a magical year for you. You are a magical girl after all.

All my love,



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