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Commitments I make to the Environment

Commitments I make to the Environment


With the Climate Strike coming up this Friday and my event with Blueland and Common Ground Compost happening next week I have had the environment on my mind. To be honest it is always on my mind but it’s really been at the forefront this week. I consider myself a very environmentally aware person and am always trying to do my best to lessen my footprint. I am by no means perfect but I do what I can. Here are the commitments I make to helping the environment in my everyday life:

Reusable Straws

My kids still really like to drink from straws and sometimes I find myself needing one as well. I keep reusable straws in my bag and in both of the girl’s backpacks. We also have a drawer full of them at home. Our favorites are these rainbow metal ones, and these with their own travel case!

Always Carry a Bag

I always have a reusable bag on me for grocery runs, errands, and any items big or small I may purchase during the day. In the summer when I drive everywhere I keep two of them in my car. These are my all-time favorite bags that come in the cutest prints!

Reusable Cotton Pads

I use toner on my face morning and night and instead of throwing out a cotton pad each time I use these washable bamboo ones. They feel great on my skin and can be easily washed, dried and reused!

Recycle Soft Plastics

Did you know you can’t put plastic bags or soft plastics in the recycling bin in NYC? I collect all of my soft plastics from packages I receive and items I buy (that are unfortunately wrapped in plastics) and drop them off at the Whole Foods dedicated plastic bag recycling bin twice a week.

No Paper Towels

We stopped using paper towels almost 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. Instead we keep a stack of dish rags on hand under the sink and simply wash them when they get dirty!


I collect our food scraps in this small bin, with these liners under the sink and drop them off at my local Green Market twice a week to be composted. Many people are concerned about the smell with collecting food scarps but we have never had an issue. When we fill the bin we just place the full bag in the freezer until it is time to drop them at the Green Market.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

I recently switched to Blueland for my cleaning products and could not be happier. Their eco- friendly refillable model is great for the environment and for saving space in my apartment. Refilling the bottles with their amazing tablets means I only have to buy the bottles once!

Carry a Water Bottle

I never leave home without my water bottle. Staying hydrated is very important to me and so is not using single use plastic. By carrying my own water bottle I achieve two goals at once!

Bring My Recyclables

If I find myself with a piece of used plastic, discarded paper, or soft plastic wrapper while out and about I stash it in my bag to recycle when I get home. Just because I am all over NYC doesn’t mean I have to throw things in the trash.

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