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Gift Guide: Girlfriends, Teachers, and My Mom Squad

What to get the extra special people in your life? The friends who are always there to listen. The teachers who are endlessly patient and inspiring. Your mom squad who you could truly not handle parenting without. Here are some ideas!


A beautiful artisan soap that helps fund water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives around the globe


A pretty cosmetics bag filled with the best natural nail care products.


A stack of bracelets with encouraging phrases. I like the combo of “Be Happy” “Be Kind “ Do You.”


A pretty wooden box so she never has to store her treats in Tupperware again!


Ready to bake, frozen cookies that are New Year’s resolution friendly.

A set of pretty scrunchies to upgrade her messy bun look.


A copy of the best novel you read this year for her to cozy up with over the holidays.


Gorgeous, fresh, not from the deli flowers delivered to her door.

Some Mom Advice- Mini Trees for Kids

Some Mom Advice- Mini Trees for Kids

Gift Guide: What's On My List