Hi. I'm Sara!

Welcome to Mercer + Green.
I am a born and bred New Yorker, mom of two little girls who loves
all things New York and is passionate about healthy living.

Gift Guide: A very independent, highly energetic, goofy and sweet 2 year old.

If you have a spunky, sweet, cuddly, crazy two year old in your life this guide is for you!


A super mod doll house she can redesign tons of ways.


Her very own unicorn she can ride “all by herself.”


A personalized mermaid tail blanket perfect for snuggling.


A pretty tea set that comes with the perfect storage box, because Mama can’t stand loose toys!


A place for all her jewels and treasures so she can stop stealing her sister’s.


A hair styling toy so maybe she will stop “styling” mommy’s hair all the time.


A comfortable dress up dress she can wear to meet her favorite princess at Disney World.


A new bunny friend that will look gorgeous in her big girl room.


A sweet new book about empathy.

Gift Guide: What's On My List

Gift Guide: What's On My List

Gift Guide: A more than slightly dramatic 5 year old girl who loves to dance and be fancy.