Hi. I'm Sara!

Welcome to Mercer + Green.
I am a born and bred New Yorker, mom of two little girls who loves
all things New York and is passionate about healthy living.

Gift Guide: What's On My List

Gift Guide: What's On My List

While it truly is better to give than to receive I do have just a few things on my list if anyone is asking…ahem Doug!


A pretty fedora that will go with all the dusty pink in my wardrobe.


My headband obsession is intense, this jewel toned one would be perfect for the winter.


The shimmery socks with heels trend intrigues me, and these seem like a good pair to start with.


Bobby pins aren’t just for ballerinas. These would look so pretty with a low, messy bun.


I am obsessed with this newly launched brand of perfectly tailored peacoat. This plaid one is both on trend and timeless!


How pretty would this water bottle look on a bedside table? I find the prettier my water bottle the more hydrated I am!


After the holiday madness and 5 days at Disney World I am going to need some serious self care. Acupuncture is my favorite way to relax and reset.

Gift Guide: Girlfriends, Teachers, and My Mom Squad

Gift Guide: Girlfriends, Teachers, and My Mom Squad

Gift Guide: A very independent, highly energetic, goofy and sweet 2 year old.