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Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Healthy Recipes for the New Year

I’m not one for crazy New Year’s diets or cleanses. I eat pretty clean year round focusing on greens and vegetables with some grains, nuts and seeds thrown in. After years of experimenting with my diet I have found I feel better when I eat very clean. I am also not one to jump on the “Dry January” train. I rarely drink and when I do it’s one glass of wine or a cocktail when out to dinner. Again, I just don’t function well when I have been drinking. Especially not since having kids. My tolerance for alcohol is basically non existent at this point! However, after a long holiday season and vacation I do find myself needing some healthy cooking and eating inspiration. It is so easy to get stuck in a food rut in the winter when I am not constantly at the farmers market getting inspired by fresh, local veggies. Here are some recipes and health tips that are inspiring me to take good care of myself and my family this year!

Portia is obsessed with carrot soup and this one looks easy and delicious.

I recently had this for lunch at Bonberi Bodega and can’t wait to make it for myself. I love sweet potato noodles when I need a pasta fix and don’t want to feel sluggish.

I have been on a summer roll kick recently. I fill them with any and every veggie I have on hand. This recipe is a great starting place!

I call these “veggie pancakes” and make them for me and the girls for lunch or dinner all the time with different veggies mixed in.

After both girls were born I developed a minor obsession with this dressing. It’s so good you could drink it! Make double and use it as a dip for raw veggies.

I have been drinking green juice on an empty stomach in the am since before it was a thing! Recently I added this to my routine and am liking the results!

The girls love vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and this looks so much better than the kind I buy them! I would make it with chickpea pasta for them and tossed with broccoli and cauliflower for me.

top image via Love and Lemons

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