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Housewarming Gift Basket

Housewarming Gift Basket

I often get called out for "mom-ing" people who are not my children. As in full grown adults. I guess I just like to take care of people who are important to me and make sure they feel loved and secure. Or I'm super controlling and can't help myself. I choose to think the former.

When our super, amazing, magical, wonderful, part of our family, nanny announced she was moving to a new apartment I knew I wanted to put together a special house warming gift for her. Moving can be daunting and it takes awhile for a new place to feel like home. I wanted to make sure my gift helped set her up in her new place and make it just a little more "homey."

I put together a basket of new apartment essentials and indulgences for her and I am so happy with the result! I packed all of the goodies in this pretty basket that she could use for storage once she opened her gift. 

 Pretty dish towels to brighten the kitchen 

A bath soak and face mask for after a long day of unpacking     

A few cleaning products to make it clean and fresh smelling

An inspiring print for a new bedroom wall 

A "grown ass" coffee mug to start the morning  

A cheeky keychain  

A fun notepad to help stay organized 

A yummy candle to make it smell like home

Chocolate, because well, chocolate 

A fun new wineglass 

Cocktail napkins that will make her first guests laugh 

And finally...

a mini bottle of champagne to toast to her new home!









#mondaymommeetup at Mike and Dave's

#mondaymommeetup at Mike and Dave's

Snack Time

Snack Time