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Mini Galentine's Party

Mini Galentine's Party

Last Friday Hermione and Portia hosted some of their friends for a little Galentine's Day party.  It was so cute to have my best girlfriends and their little girls (and one little brother) over for an afternoon of snacks, crafts, and of course dress up! Between my six closest "mom friends" we have 10 little girls with two more on the way! Talk about a #girlsquad!

Hermione and Portia wore adorable matching heart dresses from ViVi and Ash. I can't resist a twinning moment for my minis and Hermione LOVES to match her baby sister. 

When the guests arrived I had unicorn flower headbands from Vivi Belles Bows lined up on the entry way table. Each girl immediately grabbed one and wore it the whole party!

I planned a few Valentine's themed activities for the girls-all super easy for me to prep and kept the littles entertained and happy! I set them up as stations around our living room so the girlies felt free to do what they wanted when they wanted. 

First up was my favorite, super easy Valentine's Day craft. Heart shaped crayon making! I ordered a bunch of pink and white crayons and peeled the wrappers off before the girls arrived.  The girls then broke the crayons into pieces and distributed them into silicone heart molds. Once the molds were all filled I popped them into the oven at 250 for 15 mins. The pink and white crayons melted to form the prettiest marble hearts that each girl got to take home as a party favor!

It wouldn't be a Valentine's party without something sweet! Hermione and I pre-made two dozen vegan cupcakes on Thursday during the snow storm so they would be ready for her friends to frost and decorate. These sweet Meri Meri cupcake wrappers and heart toppers were a big hit!

Up until recently frosting for cupcakes has been a bit tricky for us. Vegan brands are hard to come by and the few out there are loaded with sugar (it is frosting after all). Recently I discovered Dollop Gourmet which is so so good, natural, vegan, gluten free and much lower in sugar than other brands. I used natural red food coloring in their vanilla frosting to make it pink and also had decadent chocolate as an option. The frosting was such a hit! At one point I caught Hermione eating it straight up off a popsicle stick!

Hermione is obsessed with tattoos so a Valentine's themed "tattoo parlor" felt like a must do. I ordered cute tattoos from Tattly that the girls could choose from. The were a huge hit! 

Of course a Valentine's party needs actual valentines! I set up a craft table loaded with tons of valentines, stickers, blank note cards, washi tape, colored pencils and markers. The girls all went to town and were so proud of the creations they made for each other. Everyone went home with at least three or four valentines!

As often happens at our house the party eventually evolved into Hermione and all of her friends playing dress up in her room. The all changed costumes about a million times. Pure princess pandemonium!

It was such a fun afternoon for everyone. Even us mamas were able to catch up a bit since the minis were so well occupied! On the way out the door I had little Valentine's hair clips for everyone to take home as a favor. I have already seen a few of Hermione's friends wearing their around the neighborhood! We will definitely be making this an annual tradition!

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