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One Bathing Suit, 4 Moms

One Bathing Suit, 4 Moms


Hermione and Portia combined I spent almost three year of my life nursing babies. I nursed in cars (yup, leaning over the carseat), I nursed at parties, I nursed in the bathtub, I nursed on the beach and in the pool. There are plenty of nursing friendly options available for clothing but I never, ever found a bathing suit that looked good and allowed me to nurse with ease. Either the suit made me feel like a turn of the century grandmother in her “bathing costume” or was too flimsy to support my 32DD milk filled breasts.

How I wish MOLOCO had been around in my nursing days! MOLOCO one pieces and bikinis are made to make mamas feel good in their skin, to feel comfortable and sexy while nursing their babies. As founder Mika Oakes says, “It’s made to make you feel beautiful and supported so you can do your mama thing with ease and in style.”

Recently, I had four mom friends over to try of the Nora One Piece from MOLOCO. Here are their thoughts on why finding a bathing suit is so hard when you are nursing and what they loved about the MOLOCO suit!

Sara Bogle, Rowan (and Cameron’s) Mama

The hardest part of finding suit that works for me as a nursing mama is being comfortable but still feeling cute. I ended up buying a few suits last year when Rowan was first born and felt so uncomfortable  - trying to cover up my belly and nurse discreetly was really a challenge! I absolutely love the MOLOCO

suit!  If I had to chose just one thing I think it would have to be how I feel in it. It has amazing coverage while still feeling stylish and sexy! I love that it doesn’t feel like a nursing top - I will wear this suit long after I’m done nursing!

Rabia Hayden, Raf (and Sylvie and Shane’s) Mama

Well...apart from the fact that there are about 10 extra lbs that make swimsuit shopping NOT fun, it’s always hard to find something that fits well, yet won't have to be taken off to nurse the munchkin. Given I’m not Clark Kent, the changing gets old fast.  If you opt for keeping it on and buy something halfway decent, you worry you will ruin it by yanking to the side to free the nipple. I liked that I can keep this suit on all day and not worry about ruining it while I nurse. Plus it wasn't too complicated to manage.

Trinity Connors, Connor’s Mama

Because bathing suits aren’t hard enough as it is...as a nursing mama the toughest thing was finding a top that supported but didn’t look ‘“overdone.” I’m not an underwire support kinda girl (don’t like the looks or lack of comfort) so the minimal AND supportive MOLOCO top was a serious find. Plus, I can wear it when I’m done nursing! 

Erica Barratt, Gwyneth (and Ellie and Meadow’s) Mama

The hardest part about finding a bathing suit is finding one that won’t completely expose you while nursing. This one makes it less obvious if you are trying to be discreet! I liked the MOLOCO swimsuit because it was flattering to my postpartum body but still cute!

At the end of the shoot Portia was getting jealous of all the babies and wanted to “nurse” so I tried on a suit and we had a snuggle fest! Even for a mama whose nursing days are long gone the fit of MOLOCO was amazing!


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