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Some Mom Advice- Pit and Peak

Some Mom Advice- Pit and Peak

Now that Hermione is in Kindergarten she spends more of her time away from me than she does with me. While I love her growing independence it also pains me there is so much of her day I don’t know about and she isn’t always the easiest nut to crack when it comes to intel. Our post school reunions go something like this:

Me: How was school?

Hermione: Good.

Me: What did you do?

Hermione: I don't know.

Not particularly satisfying for a mom who would sit in her classroom and observe all day if allowed!

When talking with my mom squad about Hermione's tight lips after school I was met my a resounding “my daughter too!”

One of my close friends had a suggestion that I have recently started using with great success. Now when I pick Hermione up instead of a general “how was your day?” I ask her “what was the pit (low point) and peak (high point) of your day?” This forces her to give me specific answers and usually opens the floodgates to more conversation. I love hearing that “double Terrace (outdoor playtime)” or “Science” were her peak. I can empathize when her pit is “not having time to finish my art project” or “no sunbather and jelly at lunch.”

I love “Pit and Peak” so much we play a second round in bed at night before she goes to sleep. By then the answers have changed to “my pit was when Portia wouldn’t stop crying in the tub” or “my peak was dance class!.”

Have you heard any great parenting advice recently?

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