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First Time on Skis


Last weekend was Hermione’s first time on skis and Doug and I could not be more proud of her. He and I both grew up skiing and love the sport dearly. We didn’t want to wait this long to get her on the mountain but with a younger sister who is too little to ski the logistics of a family ski trip are tricky. Not to mention the gear. So. much. gear.

Once we finally committed to a ski weekend I sought out some advise from my mom tribe about how to ensure her first experience skiing was positive. The best pieces of advice I got were:

Keep Her Layered

The key to having fun on the slopes is staying dry and warm. Although it was a big expense and effort I made sure to buy her long underwear, ski socks, a fleece mid layer, snow pants, mittens, goggles, and a helmet. By ensuring she had proper equipment I knew she would be comfortable and not cold. For this first ski trip she just wore her regular winter parka but when we do a longer trip I will invest in a technical ski jacket for her.

Keep Expectations Low

The first day on the mountain should have zero pressure. It is all about getting the layers and gear on and moving around in them. I was so happy that Hermione willingly layered up and put on her ski boots and helmet. Everything else was a bonus.

Keep It Short

Skiing can be exhausting even for the most advanced adult. Once Hermione was layered up and in her bindings she and Doug only did a few runs off the “magic carpet” before calling it a day. You want to make sure to end on a high note and not an exhausted, whiny one!!!

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